Spreader PRONAR PW120

Spreader PRONAR PW120 is designed to spread sand, salt or the mixture of both This machine is perfectly suited for removing surface icing on narrow residential streets, alleys and sidewalks. The spreading material is spread by a rotating roller. The advantage of dispensing material with a roller at a constant pour width is that it does not damage buildings and grass. System also allows driving close to pedestrians.
The small size of the sand spreader allows it to be aggregated with small, manoeuvrable tractors, front loaders and self-propelled loaders. It is adaptable to the aggregation at the rear or at the front of the carrier. The spreader PRONAR PW120 cops very well with difficult weather and road conditions, it also adapts perfectly to any spreaded material. The agitator, roller, shutter, tarpaulin frame as well as bearings are made of corrosion-resistant steel. Tank container and extension increasing the cargo capacity is protected by powder coating.

Spreader PRONAR PW120 – features:

  1. Tarpaulin
    Spreader PRONAR PW120Manually folded tarpaulin equipped with a connection blocker, which protects the spilled material against the effects of weather and external factors . It is part of the standard equipment.
  2. Agitator in the sand spreader
    Spreader PRONAR PW120
    The agitator grinds the poured material and prevents its lumps in the machine.
  3. Security fence
    Spreader PRONAR PW120
    It protects the spreading system from damage caused by stones and lumpy material, additionally protects the operator from the the rotating agitator. This is also part of the standard equipment.
  4. Manual control of the spreading density
    Spreader PRONAR PW120
    The working width of the machine (1200 mm) is equal to the width of the rotating roller, and the intensity of irrigation depends on the rotational speed and the gradual adjustment of the pressure of the barrier to the roller. The roller shutter makes possible to use the quick unloading function.
  5. Extension of the tank container
    Spreader PRONAR PW120Loading volumne of the tank for PW120 spreader is 250 liters. Installation of the tank extension, which is an part of the additional equipment, increases its capacity till 385 liters.
  6. Backlight LED set
    Spreader PRONAR PW120The set not only enables to work on public roads, but also guarantees safeness.
  7. 4 versions of drive
    PW120 Spreader is produced in a couple of versions, depending on a type of the drive transmission. Those could be : hydraulic, mechanical and electrical with a 12V or 24V control panel
  8. Screw stripped levers
    Spread material depending on a type may be dozen by fitting the size and the amount of stripped levers on the roller. The number of levers (24 or 48) and its’ height enable to adjust spreading grammage to receive the most efficient work. Levers’ replacement is easy and does not require demontage of the roller
  9. Suspension system
    Multifuncionality of the spreader comes from the fact that optionally it may be ordered with a supension system adjusted to a paticular carrier. In a standard version, PW120 is manufactured with three point hitch suspension system.









Working width


Loading volume 250 L
Loading volume with tank extansion 385 L
Spreading range – salt at a weight of 20g/m2 at a driving speed of 5 km/h 13/20* Km
Spreading range – salt at a weight of 200g/m2 at a driving speed of 20 km/h 1,5 /2,3* Km
Minimal oil pressure 100 bar
Minimal oil pump capacity 18 L/min
PTO rate 540 rpm
Electric power supply 12 or 24 V
Required minimum amperage for a 12V or 24V alternator at the minimum engine speed of the vehicle 1500 rpm 50 lub 25 A

Standard equipment:
Hydraulic drive (controlled by a flow regulator – allows to control speed of the roller)
Category II three-point hitch according to ISO 730-1
Security fence
Scrappers which are reducing the basis weight of the spread material 5 × 50

Mechanical PTO drive (PTO speed control is regulated by tractor parameters)
24V electric drive (controlled by control panel – allows starting, stopping and regulation of the roller speed)
12V electric drive (control from the control panel – allows switching on and off and regulating the speed of the rollers; this applies only for the version without agitator
Extension which increases the volume of the tank container up to 385L
Additional scrapers reducing the weight of spreading material 3 × 50
Additional scrappers reducing the basis weight of the spread material 3 × 15
tail lights LED
suspension system available for any carrier

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