Rotary rake PRONAR ZKP800

Pronar ZKP 800 is a double rotor rotary rakes with hydraulic regulation of working width from 7 m 8 m and manual lock of required width. Swath width can be set from 0.9 to 1,9 m.

Pronar ZKP 800 is eqiuipped with two rotors with eleven working arms. Each arm ends with four double raking fingers. . Using it is very simple, while ensuring the effectiveness. Turned linkage enables perfect steering of the rake. Lower links enable additional ground following behind the tractor. Rear Turing Wheel of the drwbar improve menoeuvrability.

Tandem axle system of the rotors guarantees correct ground surface cracking and facilitates keeping the required driving route of the rake. Self aligning rotors enable longitudinal and Lateran ground surface cracking.

The rake offers also manual adjustment of raking height and hydraulic synchronized raising and lowering rotors.

Can be used for operations on tractors I and II cat. ZKP 800 power requirement amounts to 59 kW (80 HP), and it weights 1940 kg. The gearbox is lubricated with grease.

  1. 1
    For operations on tractors I and II cat.
  2. 2
    Despite small size – efficiency for 7ha/h.
  3. 3
    Operator can easily set needed parameters.
  4. 4
    In the production process to use the most modern technologies and components.
Total length in working/transport position 5400/5400 mm
Width in working/transport position mm
minimum 7500/2800
maximum 8500/2800
Height in working position 1450 mm
Height in transport position
rakes off 3550 mm
rakes on 4200 mm
Working width 7000-8000 mm
Swath width 900-1900 mm
Number of rotors 2 pcs.
Number of working arms 11 pcs.
Number of raking tines on one arm 4 pcs.
Suspension system Cat. I and II  in acc. with ISO 730-1
Turning wheel of the drawbar Pneumatic on tandem axle, front axle steering
Drive system for the rotors tandem type with 6 wheels
Type of rotary gear wet (oil bath)
Overload protection WPT Single direction and overload protectecing clutch 900 Nm
Power requirement 59/80 kW/HP
PTO speed WOM 540 rpm
Weight 1940 kg
Recommended moving speed 10 km/h
drive system 400 kPa 10.0/75-15.3
rotors drive system 160 kPa 16×6.5-8 (6PR)
Voltage stability of electric power system 12 V
Required hydraulic outputs double-sided single section + double-sided single section in floating position
Raking width adjustment hydraulic and synchronized system
Raising and lowering of rotors hydraulic and synchronized system
Additional equipment:
Rubber wheels 340/55-16
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