Double-rotor rake ZKP801

Double-rotor rake ZKP801 – due to almost eight-meters working width- it’s a proposal of Pronar addressed to users looking for effective tool  to swath handling on larger areas. On a rigid, heavy-duty machine frame are mounted two rotors with thirteen raking arms and independent steering system with swivel wheels, resulting in an exceptionally even swath. Due to their positioning behind one another, the rotors “work-together” to form a single roller on the left-hand side of the machine. The swath formed in this way is ready to be picked up by a baler or a self-loading wagon.

Can be connected with tractors with a power of not less than 80KM (59kW) equipped in suspension system I or II cat.

The width of the machine during transport doesn’t exceed 3m.

  1. Optimal swath formation
    Thanks to positioning the rotors behind one another, machine rakes swath from a wide piece of meadow into one easy-to-collect roll with a width of 0.6-1.9m.
  2. Smooth work on any ground
    Adjustable raking depth helps to set the optimum raking on varying soil hardness.
  3. Easy to maneuver in transport
    Dedicated hydraulic system allows the rotors to be smoothly folded into its transport position. The steering system is designed to make maneuvering on narrow and winding roads easier.
Technical specification of standard equipment
Total length in working/transport position 8600/8600 mm
Width in working position
minimum 7265 mm
maximum 7970 mm
Width in transport position 2800 mm
Height in working position 2350 mm
Height in transport position:
rakes off 3950 mm
rakes on 4650 mm
Working width 7900 mm
Number of rotors 2 pcs.
Number of working arms 13 pcs.
Number of raking tines on one arm 4 pcs.
Suspension system Cat. I and II  in acc. with ISO 730-1
Turning wheel of the drawbar 2 turning wheels
Drive system for the rotors tandem type with 6 wheels
Type of rotary gear dry (lubrication with grease)
Overload protection WPT Single direction and overload protecting clutch 900 Nm.
Minimum power requirement 59/80 kW/HP
PTO speed 540 rpm
Empty weight 2600 kg
Recommended moving speed 10 km/h
drive system 10.0/75-15.3
rotors drive system 16×6.5-8 (6PR)
Tyres air pressure
   drive system: 400kPa
   rotors drive system 160kPa
Required hydraulic outputs One double-acting section with floating position
Raising and lowering of rotors hydraulic and synchronized system
Additional equipment:
Wheels 340/55-16
Tine protection system
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