Double rotary rake PRONAR ZKP690

The PRONAR ZKP690 rake which lays a central swath is a machine especially recommended for those who are looking for efficient solutions. PRONAR ZKP690 a machine with a simple structure that can be aggregated with most tractors on the market.

The possibility of accurate ground following is one of the most important rake task. PRONAR ZKP690 rake is equipped with a swinging carousel suspension, thanks to which it adapts perfectly to the ground, which improves raking efficiency. Thanks to the adjustment, it is also possible to adjust the working width to suit your needs.

Rotary rake Pronar ZKP690 – features:

Zgrabiarka karuzelowa PRONAR ZKP690

  1. Solid construction, easy operation
    Thanks to the solid construction, it ensures trouble-free operation even in difficult conditions. In addition, simple operation allows you to quickly set the desired operating parameters.
  2. Active hitch
    Torsion hitch with tie rod for controlling transport wheels.
  3. High maneuverability thanks to swivel transport wheel
    Rear (transport) wheels actively steered facilitate maneuvering the machine.
  4. Working width as required
    The width can be customized thanks to manual adjustment, hydraulic adjustment is available as an option.
  5. Freely suspended rotors adapt to uneven ground
    Carousels are connected with the frame by means of a cross (swinging) suspension system adjusts to the unevenness of the ground and perfect ground following.
  6. Rotor protection against overload
    The rotors are protected by a shaft with a 900Nm overload friction clutch.
  7. Free transmission gear operation in an oil bath
    The gears are lubricated in an oil bath, which reduces the wear of gears with maximum protection.
  8. Forming an even and breathable swath
    Thanks to the solutions used in the working system, it is possible to form a precise and breathable swath.
Overall length in working position 5400 mm
Overall length in transport position 5400 mm
Working width
Width in transport position 2800 mm
Height in working position 1450 mm
Height in transport position
– rakes removed
– rakes inserted
Working width 6440-7140 mm
Distance between carousels 350-1050 mm
Number of carousels 2 pcs.
The number of working arms of one carousel 11 pcs.
Number of raking tines on the working arm 4 pcs.
Suspension system cat. I i II wg ISO 730-1
Drive system of the drawbar Two wheels actively steered
Drive system of the rotors five swivel wheels
Type of carousel gears wet (in oil bath)
WPT overload protection Single direction and overload protecting clutch 900Nm
Minimal tractor power requirement 51/70 kW/HP
PTO rotational speed 540 rpm
Weight 1840 kg
Recommended working speed 10 km/h
Tire size:
– drive system
– rotor wheels
Tire pressure:
– drive system
– rotor wheels
Electrical system voltage 12 V
Required hydraulic outputs of the tractor 1 section with floating position
Rake width adjustment manual
Raising the rotors to transport position hydraulic – synchronized


  • Tires 340/55-16
  • Hydraulically adjustable working width
  • Protecting raking tines from being lost
  • Document tube
  • Download PDF FileOperating instructions