Hardness tests

RDC is equipped with stationary devices for testing hardness using Brinell, Rockwell,
Vickers and Shore hardness testing methods. These devices can perform hardness
tests of rubber, plastics and metallic materials according to applicable standards.
Equipment and parameters:
• stationary table-top device:
• Vickers microhardness tester – load range from 10 g to 1 kg
• Vickers hardness tester – load range from 1 kg to 30 kg
• Brinell hardness tester – load range from 30 kg to 3000 kg
• Rockwell hardness tester – scales A, B, C, D, F, G
• microhardness test
• coating hardness test
• testing hardness profiles of welds
• checking correctness of heat treatment
• tests according to PN-EN ISO 9015-2, PN-EN ISO 14271, PN-EN ISO 6507-1 standards