Garbage truck PRONAR SP16

Garbage truck PRONAR SP16  has been designed in accordance with applicable internationally agreed standards for devices to collect garbage, respecting the principles of safety and taking global trends in the field of municipal vehicles. It is designed for the collection and transport of waste from households, rural, urban and industrial. Municipal waste collection set consists of the most popular type on garbage market – a 16m3 capacity container with rear loader of bins. The relatively small size of the set facilitate maneuverability in tight urban agglomerations, and the permissible gross weight allows entry to housing estates with frequent traffic restrictions for vehicles with higher payloads.

  1. 1
    Adapted to discharge a wide range of universal waste containers from 80 up to 1100 liters.
  2. 2
    Working parts are made of very high-strength and abrasion resistance steel.
  3. 3
    Materias used in manufacturing process allowed a reasonable mass reduction.
  4. 4
    SP 16is ergonomically designed & manufactured using cutting edge technology.
  5. 5
    Special mechanism limits the maximum speed of garbage truck of 30 km/h after opening of side steps.
Container volume ~ 16
Discharge tank volume : ~ 1,5
Loading metod Rear
Waste dis charge Power-push
Ilość komór skrzyni ładunkowej: 1
Leak drainage Yes, gravity type
CCTV system1 Yes
Inner lights of dis charge tank Yes
Rear work lights Yes
Safety signs: Yes
Types of compliable containers 80- 400 l. (PN-EN 840- 1:2005)
do 1100 l.(PN-EN 840-2:2005)
do 1100 l.(PN-EN 840-3:2005)

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