PRONAR R1000 tank

The versatile, voluminous and durable. PRONAR R1000 tank serves as a reservoir of clean water to power municipal equipment (eg. sign washing head GM500), as an additional reservoir for machines involving spraying (eg. ZM-series sweepers), or as a reservoir for watering plants in urban areas. It is designed to aggregate the front or rear 3-point linkage.

  1. 1
    The possibility of aggregation with tractor or trasnporting on a trailer.
  2. 2
    1,000 liters.
  3. 3
    Lightweight frame for mounting the tank with a capacity of 1000 l.
Capacity 1000  dm3
Water pump delivery rate 10  dm3
Electrical power supply 12  V
Weight 120  kg
Use: Trees and shrub irrigation. Irreplaceble in orchards and urban areas.Tank filled up from hydrant, equipped with service manhole and valves Can be placed on a trailer or truck’s frame. Equipped in electrical water pump.
Additional equipment (option) :

Additional equipment (option):

  • Lighting

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