Hydraulic feeder PRONAR ZHD 170

Combustion hydraulic feeder PRONAR ZHD 170 is designed to supply power to hydraulic machinery and accessories in the field, without access to electricity sources. Power unit consists of two main subassemblies: hydraulic system and combustion engine system.

Pronar ZHD 170 is an universal power supply for tools in the open without access to electrical power source. It can be a source of supply for all commercially available  hydraulic tools such as hammers, saws, drills and lifts. It can also power the mniocipoal machinery e.g.  Pronar OW 2.4H  rotary snow blower. The aggregate can be mounted on category 2 three-point hitch or work as  a stationary device.

  1. 1
    Big performance boost of oil flow in carrier.
  2. 2
    Open new possibilities for smaller tractors to work with big machines. Big fuel tank capacity.
  3. 3
    Possible to mount on 3 point linkage or work as stationary.
  4. 4
    Universality of applications (saws, chisels, chippers, drills).
Max. pump flow at nominal speed 170  l/min
Working pressure (without limited flow) 22  Mpa
Max. pressure (with limited flow) 30  MPa
Number of distributor sections / hydraulic sockets 1/2
Flow regulator Electronic, variable, independent for each section
Oil tank capacity 145  l
Engine make MMZ
No. of cylinders/displacement 4/4750
Nominal power 77/105  kW/KM
Nominal rotational speed 1500  obr/min
Fuel injection Main fuel pump with automatic controler
Air intake With turbocharger and intercooler
Voltage 24  V
Empty weight (with a full tank of fuel and oil) 1350  kg

Two-section hydraulic distributor

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