Environmental and climatic tests

The tests of application of paint coatings on the machine prototypes with large overall
dimensions can be performed in the painting-climatic chamber and in various temperature
ranges. The chamber enables us to test rubber, plastic and metal components and the
connections between such components.
Equipment and parameters:
• dimensions of the chamber 15×8 m
• gated entrance max 4/4 m (width/height)
• paint mixing room dimensions max. 7×3 m
• temperature range from –40 °C to + 80 °C
• power tests (thermal balance)
• durability tests
• start and operation of machines in sub-zero temperatures
• efficiency of mechanisms in low and high temperatures
• tests of paint coatings
• operation of machines with a combustion engine in the chamber with the exhaust gas removal system
• checking correctness of power hydraulics operation in extreme temperatur es