Wheels Department – Technology

Our R&D Section is able to prepare wheel tailored to individual customer’s needs. By using advanced three-dimensional design techniques, we are able to offer the most optimal solutions.
Determining strength of a structure at design stage allows for reducing use of raw materials and lowering costs. Experience of our engineers supported by 3D technology allows PRONAR to design wheels that fit the conditions under which they will be used. Determination of our staff and high quality product allows us to meet requirements of the most demanding customers.

High quality and repeatability of manufactured wheels, certified by ISO 9001, is possible due to development of sophisticated profiling technology.
Production of rims is carried out on automated profiling lines. We are one of few companies that manufacture 36″ wide wheels from one sheet of steel, up to 10mm thick.

Welding of rims is carried out on fully automated equipment. Edges are combined through plasma arc welding, which guarantees high quality.
The initial shape of the disc is cut on a CNC plasma cutter, which allows for optimal utilization of sheet metal and cuts out the most complex shapes.
Welding of the rim and disc is done on automatic welding machines using a modern, highly efficient method.

Surface of the rim is prepared prior to painting by shot blasting and cathaphoretic bath. Such preparation allows our products to have excellent corrosion resistance confirmed by tests in ???the lat misth atmosphere chamber???.
Wheels are painted in a fully automated and ecological paint shop in electrostatic and tribostatic powder coating process. An automatic and fully integrated system of cabins and filters allows to paint each product in any given RAL palette color.

Our products comply with International and European quality standards. At each stage, starting from the design phase and purchase of raw materials, through production, to the process of packing and shipping of finished wheels, strict compliance with the principles of quality management is checked.
Quality of our wheels isperiodically reviewed in our laboratory, furnished with modern equipment. Our goal is customer satisfaction resulting from use of high quality wheels.
Wheels manufactured by PRONAR meet international requirements of ETRTO, EUWA, TRA and ISO.

Technological development, engineering and research were the foundation of the success of Pronar Wheels Department. Our customers know they can turn to us with the most difficult problem, and our engineers will find a solution. In our company, an old saying “discovering the wheel” takes on a whole new meaning.
The R&D section employs 25 people. To this day we have developed nearly 8,000 wheel projects.
Pronar is one of few companies producing their own lines for rim profling. State of the art automatic large rim profliling line designed and built entirely by Pronar engineers is able to profile rims 36 ” wide from one sheet of steel up to 10mm thick.
All elements of the rim profiling lines and discs presses are designed and manufactured by our engineers. This significantly reduces time needed for project execution.