Pronar technical ideas around the world !!!

Pronar participated in the exhibition New Environmental Exposition N-EXPO in Tokyo, Japan 23-26th May . During the few days we presented the products from our recycling range made with 3D printing technology. The models gave the visitors the opportunity to imagine how these devices actually look like and what their basic functions are.

The main theme of the fair was the new approach to waste management through the use of new technologies and a change in the attitude of citizens, authorities and businesses to the issue of environmental protection. The line of Pronar recycling machines perfectly fit into the topic of the fair, so that our exhibition enjoyed considerable interest. The number of people who came to the stand and asked for the offer exceeded our expectations. Surprisingly, visitors were also invited to talk about the position of Pronar in the quest for wise waste management through their reduction and processing.

We hope that our presence in Tokyo brings the European approach to waste management to the Japanese and that our mobile screens and shredders will contribute to the protection of the Japanese environment in the future.

N-Expo 2017 – photo gallery