PRONAR once again has shown, that products from Narew are unbeatable. This time it was consumers that confirmed it. Thanks to their votes our mobile stockpiler PRONAR MPT18g won the internet voting for Gold Medal Consumers’ Choice. This prestigious award show how strong is PRONAR position on the market and how innovative our products are.
It is worth mentioning that this is second award for this mobile stockpiler. Few weeks ago we got Gold Medal of the Poznań International Fair on International Trade Fair of Environmental Protection POL-ECO SYSTEM 2017.
Gold Medal Consumers’ Choice joins another two awards we got in past years. In 2016 the winner was our mobile slow-speed shredder PRONAR MRW 2.1010. Year earlier it was the mobile trommel screen PRONAR MPB 18.47 that won it.
MPT18g listopad 2017 (58)-1024