On 15th July was held a grand opening of Pronar’s 1000-meter landing runway.

Landing was founded for company’s representatives to reach their partners and customer easier and faster. Pronar is gaining markets around the world, and this requires the creation of an extensive dealer network, as well as a maximum mobility. Shedding many hours or even days to reach the customer it was a waste of time and money. By helicopters journey takes a while without any traffic jams and road works.

With this simple calculation in May 2015 began a new era in Pronar company. We started with the purchase of helicopters for local travels. It quickly became clear that this was a hit because it met the expectations of the Management Board. Consequently, it was decided to purchase the aircraft to reach further airports in Poland and in Europe. The next step was the construction of the business landing.

Landing on the factory premises is also a benefit for the local community because it will be used by the aviation of the Border Guard, the Police, Air Ambulance and aircraft of the forest services, all those individuals who directly care for the safety and health of local residents.
During their intervention every moment counts. People’s lives depend on how fast the rescue helicopter reaches the patient and the security of our country depends on the quick actions taken by the border guards. Forest service’s have possibility to use Pronar’s landing runway for easier and faster actions in case of fire in vulnerable areas of the Bialowieza Forest, located on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Till that date, the region wasn’t prepared for landing and refueling for individuals and institutions planning the airline trip in the region of Podlasie, and also to neighboring countries. The base airport in Narew thus becomes a strategic point on the map of aviation and tourism in the region.
Pronar Company by joining to the system of airstrips in Poland provides a full and comprehensive service not only to secure the air operations, to rescue citizens but also contributes to the promotion and development of Podlasie.
Pronar owns helicopters and aircraft for which 1,000 meters hardened landing runway was built. They are designed to perform takeoffs and landings both day and night.
The investment included:
• construction of the hangar air;
• construction of the the helicopter landing site;
• construction of hardened runway for aircraft and taxiway to the hangar;
• building a weather station for the purpose of landing sites;
• installation of a radio station with lighting;
• the installation of monitoring system;
• making lighting for night flights;
Pronar as a leader in the Podlasie province fuel market has extended the license of jet fuel JET A – 1, thus satisfying the demand for fuel needs in this part of the Poland. For the purpose of refueling external entities we have tanks with a capacity of 12 000 liters, equipped with the most modern fuel filtration system. With this equipment we keep the highest quality of service, with possibility to reach at any designated place of refueling.
Innovations are the PRONAR domain. Thanks to them we won a strong position in the global market for agricultural and municipal machinery. Pronar, which was founded in 1988 and has since continued to grow, still takes ambitious challenges. Pronar introduces new products, opening new factories and investing in new technologies. Gaining new markets – recently among others, Uruguay, Argentina, USA, increases employment, opens the landing runway to be faster and closer to the world. This all means that the company is one of the largest and fastest growing companies in the country. Pronar built his leader position by flexible approach to business and hard and effective work.
So far, ideas for further investments appear to be hit. This concerns not only the sphere of production. Pronar opened in Narew Research and Development Center, which was design to test endurance of the machines, to monitor their quality. Such huge investment is unique in Europe and the next step in the development of innovation of the company.
Today Pronar hires more than 2,000 employees, owns 7 modern factories, an innovative Research and Development Centre, the landing runway, aircraft and helicopters. Pronar company is the undisputed market leader in machines and equipment for agriculture, utilities and transport industry with dealer network in more than 60 countries around the world. The company is number one in agricultural technology, utilities, recycling, and forestry. Pronar manufactures side profiles, axles, rims & wheels, pneumatics and hydraulics components, and many others, so there is no longer who to compete in the country. The next step is to shorten the time for reaching out to partners and customers.
Welcome to the photo gallery from the opening of landing runway: