On Friday, 27th November in Pronar branch in Siemiatycze a meeting of the Association of Municipalities of Podlasie was held. During the meeting the participants discusses joint acquisition of EU funds from the Rural Development Programme and had the opportunity to visit the factory and meet the crew and the owner of the company.
That day, the owner of the company, Sergiusz Martyniuk received from the district governor, John Zalewski, a specially prepared engraver with symbolic thank you “for the cooperation in shaping the development of the local labor market and job creation to improve the situation of the unemployed in Siemiatycze region”.
In contrast, the mayor of the Town, Peter Siniakowicz handed over to the President of Pronar, Sergiusz Martyniuk a medal to celebrate 25 years of the local government. While presenting the medal, the Mayor of Siemiatycze stressed the commitment of the President of Pronar in the construction of a factory in Siemiatycze what created new employment opportunities, helped to reduce unemployment and increased the development of the city.
During the debate, the President of Pronar thanked the governor, John Zalewski and the mayor for their cooperation. He asked the officials to encourage young people to be trained in specific professions. “True professionals to solid work are still needed, including the factory in Siemiatycze” – said Sergiusz Martyniuk.