On 13-16th September 2016 the capital of Brittany – Rennes (France) – held the exhibition SPACE2016. This was the main event in the north-western part of the country for agricultural sector, also recognized as one of the most important in France.

The fair was attended by world leaders in the production of agricultural machinery. Pronar presented a new monocoque trailer T700XL. It attracted great interest of visitors of the event. Pronar also showed: the trailer hook T286, fertilizer NV161 / 4 and bale trailer T026M with a set of grassland machines : PDT300 mower, PWP530 tedder and Z245 wrapper. A set of these machines has attracted the attention of French farmers, who prefer high-performance equipment due to the higher average acreage of farms than in Poland. Spreader NV161 / 4 gained favorable reviews for its innovative design, good quality and extensive facilities. Western Europe is a good market for hooklift trailers which are used very often type, so T286 – already well known in the French market – attracted very good and favorable opinions among users.
Pronar booth attracted hundreds of visitors interested in Polish machines , which allowed for contact with potential new customers.