Tractor PRONAR 5340

New Pronar 5340 tractor with an engine nominal power 101 hp (maximum 106 hp) from Deutz, a tractor corresponds to today’s demands of farmers with small and medium-sized farms. Powerful hydraulics and electronic lift control are features that provide easy and comfortable operation. Properly chosen engine power enables efficient and economical operation of various machines and tools. With the reversing gear – controlled electrohydraulically – tractor offers up to 16 gears in forward and backward, and the two – stage amplifier gives the ability to change the torque splitter under load. The tractor is very agile and has compact dimensions, allowing easy maneuvering, not only on the headland. Moreover comfortable cabin makes even long work pleasant, without feeling tired.

  1. 1
    The tractor uses modern design solutions (engine, drivetrain), attractive design and ergonomically designed interior.
  2. 2
    Low fuel consumption.
  3. 3
    Suitable for heavy field work.
  4. 4
    Meets current exhaust emissions standards.
  5. 5
    Rich standard equipment; Power Shift, which allows shifting gears without using the clutch and the EHR, which facilitates the control of the three point linkage system.
Brand (standard toxicity) Deutz (Stage IIIB)
Number of cylinders / displacement amount / cm3 4/3621
Max Power by 97/68 / EC / RPM kW (hp) / min-1 78 (106) / 2000
Rated power by 97/68 / EC / RPM kW (hp) / min-1 74.5 (101) / 2200
The injection system Common Rail
Intake system turbocharged, intake air cooler (intercooler) and externally cooled EGR
Exchaust treatment system DOC (diesel oxidation catalytic converter) oxidation catalyst
Fuel tank capacity dm3 125
Drivetrain (transmission, rear axle)
Make / type of gearbox ZF / mechanical, synchronized
The total amount of gear (front / rear) 16/16 Powershift
Powershift torque amplifier – the number of gears 2 ratio
Change of driving direction Mechanical
Speed ​​Range km / h 2,2-35,8
Clutch single-disc friction LUK
Differential lock Electrohydraulically activated
Front axle, steering, suspension
Switching axis drive Electrohydraulically
Differential lock self-locking, with increased internal friction
The maximum steering angle / minimum turning radius ° / m 50 / 4.8
The braking system
Type disc, wet
Trailer Brake system Double + Single Lead-wire, disconnected the compressor drive
Installation of external hydraulic
type in an open system (Open Center)
Oil tank capacity dm3 35, a separate oil tank
Pump flow (pressure) dm3 / min (bar) 58 (175)
Number of sections distributor 3 – standard
flow regulator Yes, for 1st section
Three-point linkage (rear linkage)
Capacity in the whole range kg 4200
maximum load capacity 4900
The control system EHR-type Electrohydraulically BOSCH, extra buttons on the fender
PTO (rear PTO)
PTO clutch independent, single-disc, dry
Activation Electrohydraulically + additional switching button on the fender
Shaft speed ranges 430/540/750/1000 – standard
Dimensions and weight
wheel base mm 2369
Spacing front axle / rear mm 1500-1860 / 152-1920
Length Width Height mm 4475 / 2080-2379 / 2744-2799
Curb Weight (with weights) kg 5015
Permitted mass front axle / rear kg 2800/5000
Standard weights Weight front / rear kg 540/0 – optional
Tires (rear – front) 18,4R34 14,9R24 – standard

Additional equipment:

    • PRONAR 5340 tractor can be equipped with additional options:
    • Front-end loader
    • Front linkage
    • Front PTO
    • Automatic rear transport hitch
    • Rear clevis Pitonfix type
    • Hydraulic splitter 4-section
    • Hydraulic trailer brake systems
    • Air conditioning
    • Grammer seat with mechanical damping
    • Grammer seat with pneumatic damping
    • Passenger seat
    • Cover for use in the woods
    • rRtating seat
    • Additional low beam
    • Orange flashing light
    • Green tinted windows
    • Front weights (12x45kg)
    • Weights on the front linkage (12 × 45)
    • Tyres:

back forward 13,6R28 16,9R38
rear 520 / 70R34 front 14,9R24
rear 480 / 80R34 Front 400 / 80R24 – road tread
rear 460 / 85-34 front 380 / 85-24 – forest tread