Tractor PRONAR 320AMK

Tractor Pronar 320AMK, easy to use, with front linkage, warning light and efficient hydraulics as standard equipment, has been attracting the attention of customers. Low operating costs, reliability, comfortable and safe cabin and small turning radius are the features which users appreciate. AMK 320 is helpful in municipal works, in clearing snow, sweeping, mowing lawns, urban transport, as well as auxiliary orchard tractor on the farm. Mounted 4-cylinder Mitsubishi engine generates power of 36km and is excellent for small universal tractor, and 4 wheel drive makes the tractor has excellent traction characteristics.

  1. 1
    Excellent visibility, transparent distribution of indicators, levers and buttons.
  2. 2
    Rear lifting 750kg and 350kg lift capacity on front linkage and hydraulic pump with output of 33dm³ / min provide many opportunities for aggregation.
  3. 3
    Low operating costs, cheap and easily accesible spare parts.
  4. 4
    Small turning radius, small overall dimensions.
  5. 5
    Works as a municipal tractor, orchard, and auxiliary on farm.
Trade name: Unit PRONAR 320AMK
Brand Mitsubishi
Exhaust emissions standard Stage IIIA
Number of cylinders / displacement no./cm3 4 / 1758
Bore / Stroke mm 78 / 92
Nominal power kW (hp) 26,5 (36) according to  DIN 70020 1)
27,4 (37) according to 97/68/EC
Nominal rated speed rpm 3000
Max power kW (hp) equal to nominal power
The rotational speed maximum power rpm 3000
Maximum torque Nm 98
Maximum torque speed rpm 2000
Injection system injection pump witch mechanic regulator
Intake system naturally aspirated
Fuel tank capacity dm3 32
Specific fuel consumption g/kWh 267 – at nominal power, 250 – minimal
Power train (gearbox, rear axle)
Brand MTZ
Transmission Gearbox Type mechanical, non-synchronized
The total amount of gear front/rear  16/8
Powershift torque amplifier, the number of gears
Changing direction – powershuttle
Speed ​​Range km/h 1,13-27,8
Reducer Creeper gears km/h
Clutch dry, single plate, mechanically activated
Differential Lock mechanically activated
Front axle, steering, suspension
Suspension rigid, self-aligning
Switching axis drive automatically, depending on the slip of the rear wheels
Differential Lock self locking differential
The maximum steering angle ° 45
Minimum turning radius mm 1900
steering system with hydrostatic steering gear
The brake system
Type disc, wet
Trailer Brake system double lead + single lead
Installation of external hydraulics
Type in open system (Open Center)
Oil tank capacity dm3 19, separate oli tank
Pump flow at rated engine speed dm3/min 33
Working pressure bar 160
Number of splitter sections 2
The amount of hydraulic jacks rear/front 1 pair / 1 pair
Flow regulator
Three-point linkage (linkage)
Category ISO 730-1 cat. II
Maximum lifting in coupler axis ends kg 750
The control system mechanical
Front: standard
Category ISO 730-1 cat. II (cat. I in option) 2)
Maximum lifting in coupler axis ends kg 350
Rear PTO:
PTO clutch master clutch fulfils this function
Switching mechanical
Shaft speed ranges independent 540 / 1000, depending on road 3,5 i 6,5 rpm
Type shaft type 1 (1 3/8″ 6 grooves) or type 2 (1 3/8″ 21 grooves)
Front PTO: option
PTO clutch master clutch fulfils this function
Switching mechanical
Shaft speed ranges independent 540 / 1000, depending on road 3,5 i 6,5 rpm
Type shaft type 1 (1 3/8″ 6 grooves) or type 2 (1 3/8″ 21 grooves)
Direction of rotation (looking at the face of the shaft) right
Description single-seat
Standard equipment
Air conditioning  –
Electrical installation
Voltage V 12
Alternator V/A 14/50
Orange flashing light standard
Number of working lights front/rear 02-kwi
Wheel base mm 1700
Spacing front axle / rear mm/mm 1280 or 1410 / 1250 or 1394
Length (with weights at the front and rear couplings in transport position) mm 3582
Width mm 1565 or 1678
Height mm 2360
Clearance mm 290
Weight and pressure
Curb weight kg 1875 **
Weight distribution to the front axle / rear kg/kg
Gross vehicle weight kg 3000
The permissible weight for front / rear axle kg/kg 1200/1800
Possible tires rear/front 11,2-20            210/80 R16
11,2-20               9,0/70-16
280/85 R20      240/70 R16
36×13,50-15     27×10,50-15 – grass tread pattern
15-19,5                 10-16,5  – industrial tread pattern
* – With standard weights, full fuel tank and driver, without optional equipment
** – With front linkage, full fuel tank and driver, without optional equipment
1)  –  with fan
2) – version with front PTO only cat.1 tight

Standard equipment:
Front linkage
Orange warning light
Wheel size 210/80 R16 11,2-20
Single-seat cabin

Optional equipment:

  • Front PTO
  • wheels in size 9.0 / 70R16 11,2-20
  • wheel size 240/70 R 16 280/85 R 20
  • wheel size 27×10,50-15 36×13,50-15 – grass tread pattern
  • wheel size 10- 15-19,5 16.5 – Industrial tread pattern