Tractor PRONAR 7150

Tractor Pronar 7150 will be appreciated by customers with high hardware requirements, it is excellent both in the field and in transport hard works. Mounted Deutz 6-cylinder turbocharged engine generates 176hp and is a guarantee of reliability and low operating costs. ZF gearbox gives the ability to select the appropriate gear ratio from the available 40 forward gears and 40 reverse gears. With powerful hydraulics with a maximum lifting capacity of 9500 kg and BOSCH EHR control it is ideal for field works with vide range of machines. Comfortable, muted, air-conditioned and safe cabin with additional passenger seat provides comfortable job.

  1. 1
    Completed from components of famous brands: Pronar, Iveco, ZF, Bosch.
  2. 2
    Rear linkage lifting capacity of 9500kg and hydraulic pump with a output of 106dm³ / min provide many possibilities for aggregation the tractor with various machines.
  3. 3
    Frontal weights, air condition, electrohydraulic revers, EHR.
  4. 4
    Big muted cabin, air condition, air-suspended seat, excellent visibility.
  5. 5
    Works excellent as a transport tractor as well as heavy field work.

Brand Deutz
Emmision standard Stage IIIA
Number of cylinders / displacement no./cm3 6 / 6057
Bore / Stroke mm 101 / 126
Nominal power kW (hp) 129 (176) according to 2000/25/EC
Nominal rpm rpm 2100
Maximum power kW (hp) Equal to nominal power
Rpm at maximum power rpm
Maximum torque Nm 716,6
Rpm at maximum torque rpm 1600
Injection system common rail
Intake system turbocharged and intercooler
Fuel tank capacity dm3 325
Specific fuel consumption g/kWh 235 – at nominal power, 218 – at maximum torque
Drivetrain system (gear boxs, rear axle)
Brand ZF
Gear box type mechanical, synchronized
Total amount of gears front / rear 40/40
Powershift torque amplifier – number of gears standard, 4 gears
Changing the travel direction – Powershuttle standard
Speed range km/h 2,79-44,1 (witch creeper gears reductor attached 0,34-2,6) 1) 2)
creeper gears reductor km/h standard
Clutch wet multidisc, electro hydraulically acivated
Differential lock electro-hydraulically activated
Front axle, steering, suspension
Suspension rigid, self-aligning – standard
amortization front axle – option
Axis drive switching electrohydraulic
Differential lock electro-hydraulically activated
Maximum wheel steering angle ° 55
Minimum turning radius mm 6750
Steering system hydrostatic steering gear
Brake system
Type: disc, wet
Trailer braking system Double + Single lead wire
External hydraulics instalation
Type: with load sensing system (with adjustable output)
Oil tank capacity dm3 72, common with drivetrain system
Oil pomp output at engine nominal rpm dm3/min 106
Working preassure bar 200
Number of splitter sections 4
The amount of hydraulic jacks front / rear 4 pairs + free sink / 0
Output regulation yes, for each section
Three-point linkage
Category according to ISO 730-1 cat. II/III
Maximum lifting in coupler axis ends kg 9500
Steering system electrohydraulic EHR BOSCH type, additional buttons on fender
Front: option
Category according to ISO 730-1 cat. II
Maximum lifting in coupler axis ends kg 4000
Rear power take-off (PTO)
Rear PTO:
PTO clutch separate, wet
Switching electrohydraulic + additional button on fender
PTO rpm range 540/750/1000/1400
Shaft type type 1 (1 3/8″ 6 grooves) – standard
type 2 (1 3/8″ 21 grooves) – option
type 3 (1 3/4 20 grooves) – option
Front PTO: option
PTO clutch wet
Switching electrohydraulic
PTO rpm range 1000
Shaft type type 2 (1 3/8″ 21 grooves)
Rotation direction (looking at the face of the shaft) right – standard, left – option
Description single-seat, four-pillar
Additional equipment Additional passenger seat, tinted windows
Air condition standard
Electrical installation
Voltage V 12V
Alternator V/A 14/150
Orange flashing light option
Amount of work lights front / rear 4/5
Wheel base mm 2704
Track of wheels front / rear mm/mm 1892 / 1870
Lenght (with front weights and rear linkage in transport position) mm 5140
Width mm 2447-2559 3)
Height mm 3030-3080
Clearance mm 450
Curb weight kg 7940
Weight distribution to the axle front / rear kg/kg 3890 / 4050
Gross vehicle weight kg 11000
Gross weight for axle front / rear kg/kg 5500/9000
Mass of stadndard weights front / rear kg/kg 1150 / 0
Mass of optional weights front / rear kg/kg 300 / 400

Standard equimpment:
Front weights
Air condition
Radio + speakers
Side passenger seat
Wheels: rear 650/65R42 front 480/70R30

Additional equipment:

  • Front PTO
  • Front linkage
  • Ball coupling
  • Air-suspended seat
  • Transport fix “Pitonfix”
  • Front axle amortization
  • Weights hanger 16x45kg (for front linkage)
  • Front loader LC5
  • Hydraulic brake instalation for trailers
  • Initial air filter
  • Orange warning light
  • 400kg additional rear axle load
  • 300kg additional front axle load
  • Concrete weight of 800kg (for front linkage)
  • Steel weight of 1500kg (for front likage)
  • Download PDF FileOperating instructions