Slurry tank PRONAR TG110

The PRONAR TG110 single-axle septic tank trailer with a composite tank with a capacity of 10 thousand litres. The tank is made of plastic, which lowers the centre of gravity of the entire trailer, significantly improving driving stability. It is also lighter and – thanks to the special structure and the screw pump (cavity pump) – no deposits form in such tanks.

Pronar septic tank trailers have screw pumps that ensure high performance in virtually pressure-less operation, preventing foaming and damage to the tank in case of an uncontrolled pressure rise. Unlike conventional vacuum pumps used in steel septic tankers, the pumps used in the PRONAR TG214 trailer can efficiently suck sludge (including dense sludge) out of low-lying tanks.

The excellent properties of the composite used to make the tanks are owed to the use of an innovative vacuum infusion technology on an industrial scale. This technology guarantees the excellent resistance of the laminate and ensures a reproducible production of tanks with good visual qualities and very high strength.

Composite tanks are also more resistant to corrosion, which is critical in strongly acidic environments. Large-sized composite tanks of the septic tank trailers of Pronar also have internal baffles to prevent the simultaneous movement of large quantities of the liquid and enhance stability and transport safety, especially on public roads.

Technical specification for the standard version:
Maximum gross weight: 13000 [kg]
Carrying capacity 9550 [kg]
Tare weight 3450 [kg]
Hopper volume: 10000 [l]
Tank dimensions (L/W/H): 4050/2080/1730 [mm]
Outline dimensions (L/W/H): 7330/2550/3370 [mm]
Wheel track 1980 [mm]
Suspension fixed single-axle
Drawbar eye load: 3000 [kg]
Tyre dimensions: 560/60R22,5
Maximum design speed: 40 [km/h]
Minimum tractor power demand: 80-100 [KM]
Tank filling/emptying system: jednowirnikowa pompa ślimakowa
PTO rpm: 540 [obr/min]
Screw pump capacity: 4000 [l/min]
Working width 12-15 [m]

Standard equipment

    • Composite tank reinforced with glass fabric, with internal horizontal baffles
    • Single screw pump with a high suction and discharge capacity driven by the PTO of the tractor
    • Z6” suction valve (Perrot quick couplings and a hydraulically-actuated gate valve), located on the left side of the trailer
    • One 6” filling pipe (Perrot quick couplings), each with a length of 6 metres (pipe with a protective cage to prevent the pump from sucking stones)
    • 3-way 6” valve to switch between the mixing and spreading function (hydraulically actuated)
    • 6” bleed line
    • Impact head spreader (the stream is aimed downwards to reduce nitrogen losses)
    • Tank level gauge (on the front wall of the tank)
    • Top hatch (bolted, with a rubber gasket)
    • Central hydraulic system with an electro-hydraulic safety system, controlled electrically (using a panel), via a wired connection from the tractor cab, performing the following functions:

– Filling
– Mixing
– Spreading
– Raising/lowering the swivel filling arm of the docking mechanism (optional equipment)
– Switching the work lights on/off
– Indicator lights on the panel to indicate which functions of the central hydraulic system are active

  • Additional external control panel to control filling/mixing functions
  • The trailer requires a tractor with a single pair of external hydraulic outputs to supply the central hydraulic system
  • Articulated telescopic shaft (regular) to connect the screw pump to the PTO of the tractor
  • Reinforced chassis frame welded from 250×100-mm rectangular hollow sections made of high-strength structural steel (frame suitable for the installation of optional spreading equipment suspended using a 3-point suspension system or using a fixed suspension system)
  • Fixed drawbar, integrated with the frame for connection to the bottom hitch of the tractor
  • Swivel drawbar hitch with a ⌀50-mm eye for connection with the bottom hitch of the tractor
  • Telescopic drawbar support with two-stage gear
  • Single-axle fixed suspension with a 120×120-mm axle and 406×120-mm drum brakes
  • Dual air brake system with automatic brake force regulator (ALB)
  • Manual parking brake with a crank
  • 12-V lighting system (LED) with air-tight connections, with clearance lights
  • Two work lights on the back
  • Tail lamps with safety mesh for protection against damage
  • Spiral connection cable of the lighting system
  • Folding ladder for easier access to the hatches on the tank
  • Two wheel chocks placed in galvanized holders
  • Metallic fenders (above the wheels)
  • Rear safety device (bumper) – type-approved, folding
  • Toolbox
  • Slow-moving vehicle reflective warning triangle
  • Paint system with high corrosion resistance, using two-component chemically-cured paint materials to guarantee durable, UV-resistant paint coatings
  • Chassis paint colour – grey RAL7021 PRONAR
  • Tank paint colour – green RAL6010 PRONAR
  • Fixed K80-mm ball-type drawbar hitch for connection with the bottom hitch of the tractor
  • Docking mechanism with a 6” swivel filling arm, controlled using the panel of the central hydraulic system (filling farm, hydraulically folded to the left or right side of the trailer)
  • Two pairs of hydraulic system outputs on the back (to supply, for instance, the 3-point suspension system; requires two pairs of external hydraulic outputs of the tractor)
  • Articulated telescopic shaft (wide-angle shaft),
  • Wheels with tyres (for fixed axles): 600/55R26,5; 650/55R26,5; 650/65R30,5; 710/50R30,5 (trailer width over 2550 mm)
  • Wheels with tyres (for steering axles): 560/60R22,5; 600/55R22,5; 620/50R22,5; 650/50R22,5; 600/55R26,5; (trailer width over 2550 mm)
  • Spare wheel, loose,