Low-loading trailer RC2200H

The PRONAR RC2200H trailer represents a group of low-loading trailers intended to transport various types of agricultural machinery and equipment as well as municipal and construction machinery. Thanks to the tandem suspension, the trailer can easily move in difficult terrain.

The PRONAR RC2200H trailer has a modern design that combines the functionality of a classic low-loading trailer with a one-side backwards-tipping mechanism. The loading floor has a size of 16.1 m2 (and it can be extended to 19.1 m2 with widening boards – 230 [mm] on each side), and it is supported on central bogie suspension on leaf springs. Hydraulic backward tipping significantly improves the functionality of the trailer, accelerating the loading and unloading of machinery.

Safety and convenience of use are improved thanks to the chequered steel floor, reinforced with transverse anti-skid bars.

The PRONAR RC2200H trailer can be additionally provided with many useful functions, including hydraulically lowered and extended ramps (for easier loading of machinery) or a steering rear axle (for easier manoeuvring in difficult terrain or with heavy loads).

Other optional equipment includes 300-mm aluminium sidewall extensions with dedicated storage compartments. They can be used to transport materials on crate pallets thanks to 12 additional mounting brackets installed on both sides of the platform in the standard version. Hydraulic functions can be controlled with a wireless remote control unit as an option.

Technically permissible gross weight 19000 [kg]
Maximum gross weight (according to EU approval) 16000 [kg]
Load capacity (according to EU approval) 15000 [kg]
Tare weight 4000 [kg]
Cargo area: without extensions (with extensions) 16,1 (19,1) [m 2]
Platform length 6500 [mm]
Ramps length 1620 [mm]
Floor width: without extensions (with extensions) 2480 (2940) [mm]
Overall dimensions (length/width/height) 8400/2550/2580 [mm]
Platform height from the ground 950 [mm]
Tipping angle 12 [°]
Floor MaterialPlanks of coniferous wood  45 [mm] Planks of coniferous wood  45 [mm]
Wheel track 1920 [mm]
Suspension Bogie, leaf springs
Hitch load 3000 [kg]
Tyre dimensions 215/75R17.5 (tandem)
(with EU approval)
Design speed: 40 [km/h]
Number of lashing brackets 12 [pcs.]
Minimum tractor power demand 104 / 76.4 [HP/kW]

* Dimensions with ramps folded, without extensions

Standard Trim Level:

  • Design according to European vehicle approval (according to Regulation (EU) No 167/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council)
  • Hydraulically lifted loading platform (the system requires the permanent use of a single pair of hydraulic outputs of the tractor)
  • Chequered steel floor with transverse anti-skid bars,
  • 12 lashing brackets (6 on each side)
  • Two wide ramps from chequered steel with transverse anti-skid bars, folded and extended manually, with springs to assist with folding and extending, prevented from opening by accident with a pin and lashing bands
  • Drawbar for connection to the lower or upper hitch of the tractor
  • Swivel drawbar hitch with a Ø50-mm eye
  • Telescopic drawbar support with two-stage gear
  • Bogie suspension on leaf springs, with a wheelbase of 1200 mm, with fixed axles and Ø300×135-mm drum brakes
  • Double-line “Premium” pneumatic brake system with automatic brake force regulator (ALB) (type-approved)
  • Manual parking brake with a crank
  • 12-V lighting system (LED-PRONAR) with air-tight connections, with clearance lights
  • Tail lamps with safety mesh for protection against damage
  • Spiral connection cable of the lighting system
  • Two wheel chocks placed in galvanized holders
  • Splash guard (behind the rear wheel, ahead of the front wheel)
  • Rear safety device (bumper) – type-approved
  • Paint system with high corrosion resistance, using two-component chemically-cured paint materials to guarantee durable, UV-resistant paint coatings
  • Paint colour – grey RAL7021 PRONAR
  • Fixed drawbar hitch with a Ø40-mm eye for connection to the upper hitch of the tractor
  • Fixed drawbar hitch with a Ø50-mm eye for connection to the lower hitch of the tractor
  • Fixed K80-mm ball-type drawbar hitch for connection with the bottom hitch of the tractor
  • Hydraulically folding ramps (the system requires using a single pair of hydraulic outputs of the tractor)
  • Hydraulically extended ramps (the system requires using a single pair of hydraulic outputs of the tractor)