Chaser bin T743M

The PRONAR T743M chaser bin is an improved version of the proven T743 model, used to transport grain and maize, collect materials from harvesters and reload them into trucks or to load seeds into seed drills, reducing the losses due to harvester downtime in the harvest season.

The most important difference between PRONAR T743M and its predecessor is the capacity of the monocoque loading case, which has been increased to the full 43 m3, and the technical load capacity “in the field” of 29,400 kg, with a type-approved capacity of 23,400 kg. New, more efficient unloading mechanisms have increased the unloading efficiency to 700 t/h.

The two-segment screw conveyor has been automated and can be controlled hydraulically. Four inspection windows on the front wall guarantee better visibility during work. The floor also has five bottom unloading doors. The bin has proven tridem suspension on parabolic springs with an active steering system for convenience and easy manoeuvring.

Technically permissible gross weight 40000 [kg]
Maximum gross weight (according to EU approval) 30000 [kg]
Technical capacity (“in the field”) 29400 [kg]
Load capacity (according to EU approval) 23400 [kg]
Tare weight 10600 [kg]
Cargo capacity 43 [m3]
Unloading capacity 700 [t/h]
Load box length 8530 [mm]
Load box width 2530 [mm]
Overall dimensions (length/width/height) 11670/2550/3890 [mm]
Wall/floor thickness 4/4 [mm]
Loading height 3630 [mm]
Wheel track 2000 [mm]
Tyre dimensions 560/60-22,5
Drawbar eye load 4000 [kg]
Design speed 40 [km/h]
Minimum carrying vehicle power demand 250-300 [KM]
Design speed 40 [km/h]
Minimum power requirement: 220/161,7 [KM/kW]
PTO RPM 1000 [rpm]
Hydraulically folded screw conveyor
Diameter 550 [mm]
Length 5550 [mm]
Height to the edge of the unloading part 2990-5560 [mm]


Standard equipment:

  • Design according to European vehicle approval (according to Regulation (EU) No 167/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council)
  • Monocoque loading case with profiled walls, with additional vertical stiffeners
  • Trough-shaped floor with a single floor screw conveyor
  • Two-segment front screw conveyor, hydraulically extended, with hydraulic locking of the extension mechanism, variable hydraulically controlled unloading height and a cover to protect folded conveyor pipes against dirt
  • Three level inspection windows on the front wall of the loading case
  • Vertical pipe discharge with manual discharge angle control.
  • Five doors in the floor for bottom unloading.
  • Hydraulic internal gate valves of the horizontal conveyor in the loading case to adjust the grain flow rate.
  • Wall extensions
  • Balcony on the rear wall
  • Folded ladder on the rear wall and a ladder inside the loading box
  • Platform made of non-slip grating along the entire length of the box
  • Chassis frame with 6-point loading case support
  • Tridem mechanical suspension on 6 parabolic springs, with equalisation arms, with a wheelbase of 2000 mm, a fixed central axle and two actively steered axles with Ø406×140-mm drum brakes
  • Drawbar with hydraulic shock absorption and height adjustment to connect with the lower hitch of the tractor
  • Fixed K80-mm ball-type drawbar hitch
  • Telescopic drawbar support with two-stage gear
  • Hydraulic active steering system with a manual pump filling system
  • Steering connection system consistent with ISO 26402 (trailer is not equipped with tractor steering system)
  • Mechanical drive of screw conveyors
  • Joint-telescopic PTO shaft with overload clutch with tractor 1 3/4″ Z=20 ending
  • Double-line “Premium” pneumatic brake system with automatic brake force regulator (ALB) (type-approved)
  • Pneumatic parking brake
  • 12-V lighting system (LED-PRONAR) with air-tight connection, with clearance lights
  • Metallic mud guard protecting the wheels from the top with splash guards behind the rear wheel and ahead of the front wheel
  • Two wheel chocks placed in galvanized holders
  • Paint system with high corrosion resistance, using two-component chemically-cured paint materials to guarantee durable, UV-resistant paint coatings
  • Chassis paint colour – graphite RAL7021 PRONAR
  • Tank paint colour – green RAL6010 PRONAR
  • 8-point weighing system with LCD display
  • 8-point weighing system with LCD display and printer
  • Flexible unloading pipe
  • Joint-telescopic PTO shaft with overload clutch with [with radial drivers] tractor 1 3/8″ Z=21 ending
  • Rolled canvas cover
  • Wheels with tyres: 600/50R22.5; 600/55-22.5; 600/55R22.5; 620/50R22.5; 600/55R26.5; 650/55R26.5; 700/50-26.5; 710/45-26.5; 710/50R26.5 (trailer width exceeds 2550 mm)
  • Spare wheel
  • Slow-moving vehicle reflective warning triangle
  • Painting colours according to the RAL CLASSIC colour marking system for industrial applications, by specifying the words RAL CLASSIC and four digits from the colour palette
  • SSIC and four digits from the colour palette