As every year, open days were held at Pronar Factory Point of Sale (FPS) in Sztabin.

The event took place on 11th June 2017. The invited visitors from the following districts: Augustów, Sejny, Suwalki, Sokółka, Olecko, and Gołdapskie were able to see all the novelties, complete offers of transportation, fertilization, harvesting, municipal equipment offered by Pronar.

The most popular were new NV-series manure spreaders, green forage machinery and trailers with a capacity of 6 to 12 tons. Customers also got acquainted with Pronar machine financing schemes.. Each interested customer could individually receive a funding simulation. There were also questions about new EU funds. It is mainly the young farmers, who come looking for a good perspective on the products offered by our company. Quality and good price go hand in hand to ensure success.

The open day attracted around 400 visitors. Our guests were very satisfied with the machine presentation and service. They assured us that they will surely come back to our office more than once, because they value the company and the people who work there.