On 23.11.2023, at the Castle in Łańcut, the Gala of the 21st edition of the Economic Award of the President of the Republic of Poland took place, the purpose of which is to support Polish entrepreneurs and recognize the best ones.

The unique rank of the award is evidenced by the way the nominees are selected, this is done through the country’s most important business associations, trade organizations, chambers of commerce, universities and marshal offices and local government associations.

From the 142 submissions, the competition chapter selected 3 nominees in each category. The final decision to select the winners was made by President of the Republic of Poland Mr. Andrzej Duda.

Pronar was nominated in the “International Success” category alongside such companies as Integer.pl – owner of Inpost, among others – and OTCF S.A. – owner of the 4F brand.

On behalf of the Chairman of the Board of Owners of Pronar, the nomination for the 21st edition of the President’s Economic Award of the Republic of Poland was received by Director of Trade and Marketing Department Radoslaw Bielecki.

The President honored companies that contribute to the development of the national economy, promote a positive image of Poland and provide a model of functioning for other companies.

Photos –  Przemysław Keler/KPRP