On Friday, December 30th, 2016 was held the grand opening of a new Pronar production hall in Factory in Siemiatycze and New Year’s meeting with the Board of Pronar. The ceremony was attended by representatives of the Polish Government, local authorities, the clergy, the Management and employees of the company and journalists from all over Poland. The newly built, second production hall in Pronar Factory in Siemiatycze gathered more than 2,000 people.

The official part began with a speech by the President of the company, Mr. Sergiusz Martyniuk who stressed the importance of the decision to expand the factory in Siemiatycze and how it will positively affect the entire enterprise and the region. He noted that the company constantly introduces modern and innovative solutions for the production of machinery for municipal, recycling and agriculture.

It is also worth to mention that the development of factory in Siemiatycze is not the only company’s investment in 2016. Factory’s expansion also started in Factory in Narewka and construction works are nearly finished in new factory in Hajnówka. President also drew attention to the importance of the role of Pronar in the functioning of such large enterprises as well as support and promote them on foreign markets. The President summed up the passing 2016 and has set strategic objectives for the next 2017 year. He repeatedly emphasized that the success of the company requires teamwork and good care of employees, investing in their education and ensure the best possible working conditions. He stressed that Pronar through their actions like own Research and Development Center, 7 factories, modern machinery, and innovative products, own airstrip becomes the company desired and “fashionable” in the market, thus producing better and cheaper than the competition.

After the speech, President of the company, Mr. Sergiusz Martyniuk, Minister of Agriculture and Minister of Rural Development Mr. Krzysztof Jurgiel and Province Governor of Podlasie region, gave gold, silver and bronze medals for long-term work for employees, who perfectly made their jobs resulting from the work in the service of the state. During celebration “Meritorious for agriculture” awards were given by General Director, Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development and Marshal of Podlasie province – Jerzy Leszczynski. Council of Pronar owners gave for well-deserved employees Gold medals of Pronar.

Marshal of Podlasie region – Jerzy Leszczynski congratulated the opening of the new hall, which will give new working places. Presently in Factory in Siemiatycze  there are 170 employees. After developing of the new factory another 200-250 workers can be employed.

Giving medals, awards and speeches ended official part of celebration. After that all of Pronar employees and invited guests had possibility to make a New Year’s greeting and also taste regional dishes specially prepared for this day.