Hook lift trailer Pronar T386 is the largest and newest hook lift trailer with a technically permissible gross vehicle weight of 34t.
The trailer can be used for many different tasks in areas of agriculture, construction, municipal or horticulture. It is a practical way to collect, transport, unload various types of containers between 5 to 7.5 m like box containers, tanks, flat, dumpers, and many others.
Robust construction, adequate corrosion protection, the use of closed profiles ensures reliable use of trailers throughout the year and regardless of weather conditions.
The essential features of the new hook lift trailer T386 are:
– Load capacity of 26 tons
– The length of transported containers up to 7.5 m.
– Tridem suspension
– Hydraulically adjustable sprung drawbar
– Folding telescopic hook frame
– Hydraulic container locking
Multifunctionality of the hook lift trailer and its various applications have direct effect on productivity and lower investment and operating costs.

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