Pronar PUV4000HD is the newest plow in the PUV-series. Its design and sturdy construction make it the perfect choice for winter maintenance for companies using heavy duty machinery in their fleet. It is suited for efficient removal of thick snow covers, slush and ice form paved and dirt roads and pavements.

The main features of the plow PUV4000HD:

  • 4 Working positions (left, right, V-position, Y-position)
  • Moldboard height increasing from Middle to the sides for efficien snow throwing
  • Possibility to work with diffferent carriers: tractors, backhoes, loaders, front loaders, skid steers and other machines (over 65 different mounting frames available)
  • Divided scrapping blade construction for easy maintenance and
  • Different types of available plowshares:o Steel vertical

    o Steel vertical with side bumper

    o Steel with 30° working angle

    o Steel with 30° working angle with bumper

    o Vertical perforated steel

    o Vertical perforated steel with 30° working angle

    o Vertical rubber

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