One of our engineers policy is a constant modernization and adaptation of all Pronar products to the current standards and customers’ needs. The aim of products modernization is to bring benefits both in terms of improving their technical details and to increase their functional features and safety.

The latest modernization in animal transportation trailers models T046 and T046 / 1 will include:
• double-section rear door
• outside opening of door on the right sidewall

The first solution is designed to enhance the safety of loading and unloading the cattle. To the initial design of the rear door an additional tailgate will be added. As a result it will extend the total platform for about 830 mm (from 200 to 283 cm). Longer platform will reduce the angle of inclination by 6°, and thus make a smoother and safer entrance into the trailer. Cattle loading will also be possible without an additional tailgate.

Implementation of the right side door will allow an easier access to the front side of the trailer where cattle are. Side door (with dimensions 1350×780 mm), will provide a simpler and faster evacuation in case of unexpected situations like aggressive cattle behavior. High location of the door lock will enable to open the side door also from the inside of the trailer. The use of a side door is primarily to increase the general comfort and to improve the workers’ safety.