The largest environmental trade fair IFAT will take place in Munich from 13th – 17th May. This is the next edition of this event, in which Pronar will once again participate. Company PRONAR, from Narew, will present there six premiere machines.

One of the machines presented in Munich, of which Pronar’s designers are very proud, is the PRO.S1 shredder mounted on a tracks. It helps to manage construction, municipal and green waste. Its compact size allows it to be transported by vehicles equipped with a hook system. Transport does not require the preparation of a tracks, and this makes the shredder ready to be moved around the working area after delivery. The PRO.S1 is equipped with extremely efficient design solutions. The most noteworthy feature is the mechanical system for tilting the side grates. Commonly used impact spanners or even hand tools are sufficient to carry out this operation. The design is so unusual and unique that the solution has been applied for in the Patent Office.

Another premiere presentation will be the MPB 20.55 Hybrid trommel screen. Adapting to current trends, Pronar has installed a system allowing it to be powered by electricity from the power grid or generated by a generator mounted on the machine. Replacing the hydraulic drives (in addition to the cylinders) with electric drives increased the efficiency of the MPB 20.55 Hybrid and allowed a much smaller engine to be installed. This has reduced fuel consumption and noise emissions. The hybrid drive of the new trommel screen is highly versatile. It uses electricity from the power grid or from renewable sources, or it can rely on the operation of an installed diesel generator.

A piece of equipment that is likely to be of great interest to visitors to the fair is the MPT 30/1g electrically driven belt conveyor in the Dual Power version. In addition to the diesel engine, it also features an electric motor that drives the hydraulic pumps responsible for powering the conveyor belt, cylinders and tracks. This allows the machine, connected to an power grid, to travel short distances without starting the diesel engine. This increases its mobility and the installed internal diesel engine also allows it to work where there is no source of electricity.

Visitors to the Pronar stand will also be able to see the MPB 20.55gh sifter in the EX version (it is 1m longer than the basic model). In the modernized trommel screen, the hopper has been enlarged. This makes waste loading much easier – the width of the loader bucket can be up to 5 m. This is a definite advantage for owners of high-performance machines who want to make optimal use of their capabilities.

The MRW 2.65g shredder will also be on show at Munich. It features a tracks and a hydraulically raised hopper. These components meet the demand of buyers who require a very robust machine, not mounted on a hooked chassis, but equipped with a sump lifting mechanism. All this, combined with a very low noise level, makes the MRW 2.65g ideal for work even in the vicinity of buildings.

Another modernised machine that Pronar will present in Munich is the MRW 2.1010 shredder with CAT engine. In addition to machines equipped with Volvo engines, Pronar will also offer the MRW 2.1010 with CAT C18 engines, whose operation does not require the installation of an SCR system (so-called AdBlue) or DPF (diesel particulate filter).

Pronar’s stand will also feature the MRW 1.300g shredder and municipal equipment, including MR-15 and MR-20 wood chippers, as well as trailers used in construction and municipal services. The stand, showcasing Pronar’s diversity and production capabilities, will be complemented by disc wheels, axles and complete running gears, hydraulic cylinders and electrical cable harnesses.