This year’s Agritechnica 2015 fair was record-breaking in many aspects. More than 2,900 exhibitors from 52 countries, including more than 1,620 from abroad presented the most innovative products and technological solutions from the agricultural sector. Within 7 days the exhibition was visited by over 346,000 people from Germany and 104,000 people from 123 other countries.

Pronar in Hanover focused on innovations.

Another offering was PRONAR T400R biomass trailer with a rotor and pick-up, which met with great interest. In contrast to the PRONAR T400 the new version is equipped with a pick-up with eight rows of finger rollers and steerable ground trucking wheel. This feature allows the collection of biomass without the use of additional machinery or equipment, which in practice means saving resources, time and money.

There was also presented the latest bale transportation trailer PRONAR T028KM. The most significant innovation in design, unlike previous models of bale transportation trailers, are hydraulically lifted side walls protecting the transported cargo. Additionally, thanks to the possibility of fast assembly of special stanchions on all sides of the trailer it guarantees stable and secure transportation of long or cut wood and other long materials.

In addition to the trailers we presented also a wide range of components used in agriculture, which PRONAR themselves produce.
At the stand the visitors had the opportunity to see:

  • a full range of steel side profiles. There was huge interest in these components. Customers appreciated the quality we provide with laser welding, which compared to conventional performance is characterized by exceptional tightness
  • a wide range of Pneumatics and Hydraulics Department products. Visitors had the opportunity to see closely examples of cylinders and tanks with compressed air, which are used on machines at our production and delivered to a wide group of consumers. The telescopic cylinders single – and double-acting attracted particular attention of visitors.
  • a full range of products offered by the PRONAR Wheels Department. Customers visiting the stand were delighted with the high quality of workmanship, resistance to corrosion and diversity of offered rims. This year’s hit was a versatile range of Pronar Multifi bolted rims and rims immersed in an aquarium filled with a solution of an aggressive effect on paint coating. The experiment conducted during the 7 days of the event confirmed the fact that Pronar offers the best available protection against corrosion. Paint coating on the wheels did not show any traces of corrosion.
  • all types of PRONAR axles, axle shafts, and suspensions. The offer attracted a wide range of visitors, and thanks to the high quality and ability to adapt the offer individually for each client visiting us, we have gained appreciation on the international market.

During the fair, we have established many new contacts, also with companies not yet known by Pronar, from distant countries such as Israel. We have strengthened relations with existing partners, and most of all we had the opportunity to listen to our end-customers from all over the world with their opinions and suggestions. Thanks to the participation in such a prestigious and well-known exhibition as Agritechnika Pronar brand has become more recognizable in Europe and worldwide.

During the fair, many customers underlines our strength in foreign markets, which first and foremost is versatility, innovation and very high quality. Therefore, we confirmed the fact that we are one of the few Polish companies that are successful both in Poland and abroad.

In the coming years, we focus on sales growth, extending the offer, improving the efficiency of the distribution networks, expansion into new markets and provide an even better quality of our products. The priority is global recognition of PRONAR brand and have a leading position among world producers in each sector of our business.

Please feel invited to the next edition of Agritechnica fair which will take place on 12-18 November 2017.