On 9th October 2015 in Polish Ministry of Economy, the national meeting of people of agriculture and agribusiness was held. It was organized by the Association of AgroBiznesKlub and Honorary Patron was the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy – Janusz Piechocinski. During the ceremony, 24 main leaders of Polish agriculture and agribusiness received from Deputy Minister of Economy – badges of honor “Merit for the Economic Development of the Republic of Poland”. One of the honored was the President of Pronar – Sergiusz Martyniuk.
Deputy congratulated leaders on their high achievements in Polish agriculture and agribusiness. He recalled that Polish agri-food sector is a globally recognized brand and that Polish companies from the agri-food sector continue to grow and adapt to the requirements of the modern market. Janusz Piechociński emphasized that Polish government is supporting the agri-food and agricultural sectors in expanding into foreign markets, where the quality of Polish products is well known and appreciated. He also stressed that it is important for entrepreneurs operating in the foreign markets to create conditions for stable development into the new, promising markets, including non-European markets.

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