For PRONAR year 2016 was a time of good chan ges and huge develop of market. We started cooperation with one of the biggest dealers in Switzerland. Betweend 24th  and 28th of November there was a big event in agriculture sector – Agrama fair. It is a unique event, because it takes place once for two years. The biggest exhibitors and thousand’s of visitors take place in exhibition. It is the most important event and everyone is prepared for it perfectly.

On PRONAR’s stand, visitors had possibility to see our products, including our novelty – Hook lift trailer T286 on pneumatic suspension was a bull’s-eye. Clients were amazed about advanced technology and favorable price.  Visitors paide a huge attention on manure spreader N262/1 because of its technical solutions and load capacity. Comparing with other manure spreaders shown on fair, Pronar’s  manure spreader was one of the biggest. On Pronar’s stand visitors had possibility to see animal transportation trailer with additional sidewalls enlarging its height to  1500mm, which was fixe specialty to swiss market. There was also trailer T683 on tandem suspension and monocoque trailer T700XL. Visitors was suprised with technology of our trailers and Pronar got a lot of positive opinions about it.

During five days of fair, PRONAR’s stand was visited by plenty of people.   Visitors were impressed about quality of shown machines and wide range of products which Pronar has in its offer. Visitors had opportunity to get advice in choosing machin ery. For PRONAR this event was and excellent opportunity to build awareness of brand PRONAR and development of selling in so difficult market like Switzerland.