Between 14th and 15th April Pronar Ltd Wheels Department organized a training for Kubota tractors dealers. During the training the attendees had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the current technology used in Pronar for wheel, trailer, and pneumatics production.

The main points of the training were:

  • a detailed explanation of the structure and parameters specific for the wheel and tire,
  • discussing and creating a proper offer enquiry for agricultural wheels,
  • presenting the current agricultural wheels range offered by Pronar Wheels Department,
  • discussing the procedure for choosing custom wheels for tractors,
  • discussing all the current possible configurations of wheels for Kubota tractors,
  • explaining the rules of proper wheel and tire maintenance,
  • discussing the issues connected with warranty and claims.

The modern production technologies used by Pronar, the size of our company and diversity of products offered were a pleasant surprise for our guests. Thanks to the interesting questions and points made during the presentation we feel that both parties were able to enrich their already vast knowledge of wheels. At the end of the training all attendees were awarded with custom certificates.
Thanks to the positive feedback we hope to repeat these kind of events in the future.