On November 9-13 2016 in the Italian town of Bologna an agricultural fair, EIMA 2016 was held.
PRONAR, a first time exhibitor at EIMA, displayed its wheels and axles on the stand. The products represented a scope of production capacities and technological abilities of the company. Hence, welded and bolted wheels, which include Multifit wheel, and novelty in our offer, the”waffle wheel” where shown at the stand. Each wheel had a different color finish. In addition to the wheels in a technologically demanding, bright colors, customers could see the wheels in matt varnishes as well as a chrome plated wheel. Despite the obvious differences, all the items had perfect craftsmanship in common. This fact has not gone unnoticed by competing companies, whose representatives visited PRONAR’s stand on the first day of the fair, thus giving the best testimony of our leading position on the market.
Axles, stub axles, and complete chassis which are recently available through a qualified PRONAR Wheels sales team , complimented the offer. This allowed to attract customers looking for a complete solution in the form of complete wheel assembly together with axle or stub axle. Undoubtedly, this will broaden the potential customer base.
Participation in the EIMA 2016 fair had to fulfill several objectives. The primary was, of course, to attract new customers and obtain orders from current customers. In addition, we wanted to expose the brand PRONAR and its technological advances to a wider audience of end users. The way to achieve this was through a well-designed stand. The stand stood out against competing companies. Apart from the purely aesthetic aspect, PRONAR’s stand communicated in a precise manner the advantages of displayed products. As a result, it engaged visitors’ interest throughout the duration of the fair. PRONAR’s employees held more than 150 meetings. Majority of which, were with new and potential customers. The geographical scope of the visitors can make an impression. Products from PRONAR wooed fair participants from such distant corners of the globe as New Zealand, Taiwan, Pakistan, Angola, Mexico, Nicaragua and Chile.
To regard PRONAR’s participation in the fair as a 100% success, the absolutely positive discussions and meetings need to be turned into new business. It will be a task for the whole sales team of the PRONAR Wheels department.

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