On March 12-13 in Allerborn the Open Days with Pronar machinery took place. The event was organized by our dealer in Luxembourg which has been representing Pronar brand for more than 16 years. The happening was highly successful. Wide range of Pronar trailers and municipal machinery were exposed such as:

  • hook trailers: PRONAR T185, T285, T286;
  • monocoque trailers: PRONAR T679M, T700M;
  • manure spreaders: PRONAR N161, N262/1;
  • bale transportation trailers: PRONAR T024, T026M;
  • single axle trailers: PRONAR T654/2, T671;
  • animal transportation trailers: PRONAR T046/2;
  • low loading trailer: PRONAR RC2100/2;
  • building trailer: PRONAR T679/2;
  • snow ploughs: PRONAR PU-S25H, PU-S35H, PU-2100, PU-1700, PU-3300, PUV -3300, PUV-3300M
  • spreaders: PRONAR EPT-15, PS-250, PS-250M, HZS-10
  • sweepers: PRONAR ZM-2000, ZM-1600 and ZMC-3.0
  • as well as containers and front loader equipment.

Within two days the sales point in Allerborn was visited by over 3000 people. The wide range of presented Pronar machines, both agricultural and municipal, aroused great interest among customers visiting the event. The customers could obtain
expert advice relating to work equipment selection. This event was a perfect opportunity for the Pronar company to build brand awareness and sales development on the demanding markets of Luxembourg and southern Belgium.