On 28th August at the premises of the Pronar Company in Narew took place the first in Poland presentation of the multi-purpose vehicle Unimog U 423 in a special version for agricultural use. The show was attended by representatives of leading Polish agricultural publications, television TV Bialystok and members of the agricultural industry.
After the visit at the Pronar main factory, presentation of Unimog U 423 aggregated with Pronar equipment started. Special version of Unimog U 423 is a vehicle manufactured by Mercedes equipped with a 4-cylinder engine with maximum power of 231 hp which offers a performance of typical truck speeds up to 90 km / h.  Unimog U 423 additional equipment allows using it as an agricultural tractor. During the shows Unimog U 423 was aggregated with a Pronar bale transportation trailer model T026M, a Pronar bio-mass trailer T 400 and a Pronar rotary rake ZKP800. The most spectacular point of the agenda was a demonstration of the strength of this 14 ton vehicle that pulled 25 Pronar trailers with a total weight of over 80 tons.

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