Slurry tanks

Slurry tanks PRONAR T314 / T315 / T316 are an exceptionally durable constructions, high resistance to corrosion and multifunctionality are just some of the advantages of our slurry trucks. Customers can choose between three available tank capacity: 4000 l 5000 l 6000 l, made of steel with improved strength properties. The construction of the lower frame ensures that the container does not transfer load as is the case with cars self-supporting.

The 6000 ltr. container has an inner partition ‘breakwater’, the aim of which is to prevent a substance from waving. Vehicles have a double protection system which secures the pump from flooding. A special overpressure valve helps to avoid too high pressure.

  1. 1
    High tensile and resistance to overload.
  2. 2
    High corrosion resistance by using galvanized tank.
  3. 3
    A variety of additional equipment give a chance made special configuration of products for individual needs.
  4. 4
    Trailers are made of with consistent with the standards and directives on safety.
Type T314 T315 T316
Allowable total weight 5800 7200 8650 kg
Loading capacity 4400 5500 6600 kg
Empty weight 1400 1700 2050 kg
Tank capacity 4000 5000 6000 l
Tank lenght 2840 3460 4120 mm
Tank diameter 1400 1400 1400 mm
Tank plate thickness 5 5 5 mm
Dimensions (length, width, height) 5350/2050/2380 5965/2300/2430 6708/2400/2610 mm
Tank mounting on the suspension frame on the suspension frame on the suspension frame
Filling system / discharge system Pneumatic Pneumatic Pneumatic
underpressure/overpressure underpressure/overpressure underpressure/overpressure
Wheel track 1650 1770 1860 mm
Suspension one axle, rigid one axle, rigid one axle, rigid
Hitch-ring load 1000 1300 1400 kg
Tires 400/60-15,5 500/50×17 500/60-22,5
Maximum speed 40 40 40 km/h
Minimum tractor power requirement 45 / 33 54,38/40 65,26/48 HP/kW
PTO range 540 540 540 rpm
Maximum compressor efficiency 4350 6150 6150 L/min
Maximim filling time 4 4 5 min


Standard equipment
Wagon construction is a single-axle frame with  attached tank. The frame is made of closed rectangular steel profiles.The tankismade of high-durability steel and has special welded-in ring frames to stiffen the construction. The tank has double-welding inside and outside. Opened rear hatch with diameter of  500 mm for easier servicing and maintenance. The machine is equipped with  MEC 5000/M compressor with max. efficiency of 6150 l/min. Rear valve (4″) is opened hydraulically  – controled from tractor. The compressor has a two-stage  flooding protection – a relief valve placed on the top of tank and also an aerator.  The  machine is equipped with 6 meters long  suction hose (4″,diameter 110 mm)  with suction basket attached on the back.  Braking system – single or double wire pneumatic instalation. Parking brake- manual crank brake. Type of  drawbar support- simple telescopic. Type of drawbar hitch- rotaring with 50 mm eye. Lighting system 12V. Spiral connecting cable of lighting system. Wheel mudguards.  Wheels mudguards, the axis of the chassis frame and support painted – green RAL6010, Frame and tank – galvanised.

Additional equipment (option):

  • Articulated telescopic shaft
  • Wide-angle joint-telescopic shaft
  • Spare wheel
  • Download PDF FileOperating instructions