Measurements made with the use of a measuring arm

The stand makes it possible to make measurements at the stage of building the prototype of vehicles and machines operating in various working conditions. Measurements performed with the use of a measuring arm also make it possible to optimize the design preparation time.
Equipment and parameters:
• portable device – measurements made at work stations (manufacturing, assembly work stations) or AT the customer’s or collaborator’s premises; accuracy: minimum 0.05 mm
• measuring range: 300 mm
• equipment: laptop, software, gauging points and their calibrators, cabinet and stands of different heights
• measurements to check compliance of complex and irregular elements with specific requirements, in case of which conventional measuring methods are less cost-effective and less efficient
• creating spatial computer models based on scanned patterns made using manual methods, i.e. moulds, models of products, templates, which makes it possible to perform further processing on CNC machines
• checking compliance of prototype with documentation