Between 18th and19th March, took place open days at a dealer in Austrian Tyrol, 510 m (ASL).

It was the annual, largest exhibition of agricultural machinery in Vorarlberg which every year is visited by about 3000 farmers. This year for the first time farmers were able to see 3 Pronar trailers: cattle trailer T046 and single axle trailers T654 / 2 and T671.
In this region, due to the shape of the terrain and the structure of the crop, cattle trailers and small side trailers are the best sellers. From Pronar trailers, cattle trailers model T046, T046 / 1 and the small trailers on tandem suspension are the most popular choice. Farmers were able to compare Pronar trailers with trailers from their native manufacturer. Pronar attractive price and very good quality of trailers clearly outweighed the competition.