On 10th March took place the inauguration of the opening of the new headquarters of our Pronar distributor in Switzerland. The headquarter was named the Competence Center because on its premises customers can see and test a wide range of products.

Between 13-18 March distributor organized open days and each day was devoted to a different theme: Monday – Potato and Beet Cultivation, Tuesday – Cereal, Wednesday – Transportation, Thursday – Municipal Products, Friday – Cattle, Saturday – Open Day for all guests. Pronar, as the only brand, was presented every day. Saturday was an open day with many attractions for children as well.

Visitors could see many products presented in dynamic shows as well as look close at trailers displayed on the square. Distributor exhibited many Pronar trailers: single axle trailer T655, two axle trailer PT610, tandem T683P, grain trailer T669, push off trailer T902, bale trailers T026 and T028 trailer with hydraulic sidewalls, hook lift trailer on pneumatic suspension T286, manure spreader N262 / 1, cattle trailer T046 / 2 and dump trailer T679/2. On the day dedicated to municipal machinery were presented PU-1700 snowplow, HZS-10 and PS-250M spreaders and mower BBK200M.

Beautiful weather allowed the farmers to work in the field during the day, and in the afternoons to participate in this event. We are sure that the talks and presentations of the trailers have confirmed that Pronar offers quality products at attractive prices. Guests had the opportunity to use expert advice on the selection of equipment. For us, this event was a great opportunity to build brand awareness and develop sales in Switzerland.