Design solutions used in a series of plows PUS-S enables operation even in extreme winter conditions and minimize demands on the carrier vehicles. . Available in working widths:

  •  PUS-S27- 2700mm,
  • PUS-S32- 3200mm,
  • PUS-S34- 3400mm,
  • PUS-S36- 3600mm,
  • PUS-S40- 4000mm,

With different working widths and extensive range of accessories it is possible to adapt the plow to the specific carrier vehicle and needs of the customer.
The main features of the PUS-S series plows:

  • modular construction of mouldboard allows independent operation of each segment
  • steel mouldboards
  • robust design
  • steering angle of ± 30 °
  • Working speed up to 60km / h
  • Posibility of using different plowshares: rubber, perforated, Kuper.
  • Posibility of to adjusting the clamping force to the surface of each segment separately
  • special plastic wishbones  prevent vibration of the machine
  • Canvas supressor for reduction of dust and snow on the glass cabin
  • Available mountings for standard municipal boards DIN-A, DIN-B or Setra
  • Guidance on twin wheels or Kuper skids
  • Different power supply types from the carrier available:

-single pair of quick-couplings
-two pairs of quick couplings,
-independent – with the hydraulic feeder built on the plow


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