The family of tractor attached sweepers increased by another model- Agata ZM1400.
The working width of 1.4 m (lower than the other models) is an asset in cleaning of the narrow paths, sidewalks or streets in housing estates with parked cars. Sweeper Agata ZM1400 fills a market gap in terms of equipment with high maneuverability and small sizes. With these features, as well as the big possibilities of cooperation with many carriers and ways of connection with them is a product especially expected by companies in the utilities sector.
ZM-1400, due to the smaller size and weight, does not require large tractors, often heavy to move on sidewalks, affecting in this way to reduce one of the main components of the costs of road maintenance – diesel consumption. Structurally almost the same as it’s “Sisters”, can use the same database of spare parts. Number of carriers (vehicles), which may be aggregated Agata is constantly growing.

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