Manure spreader NV series at satisfied customer in Germany.

Mr. Schwarzenbacher from Bavaria decided to purchase the new manure spreader NV Series because of its many advantages. The most important advantage was optimal value for money. Mr. Schwarzenbacher received offers from various manufacturers of this type of spreaders and the most favorable was Pronar offer. Pronar is the only manufacturer offering such large tyre size 18.4-34 with agricultural profile. Thanks to such tyre, the pressure is small and causes little soil bruising. The V-shaped cargo body makes the center of gravity to move to the center of the crust, and thus the spreader is very stable. It is very important in the case, as some of the fields are located on sloping or hilly terrain. The NV spreader has single axle suspension, so that while turning during the spreading, the soil is not wiped out, which occurs in two axle spreaders. The spreader is equipped with a hydraulically opened rear shields from the tractor’s cab, allowing adjusting the spreading width and the hydraulic guillotine slurry gate that seals the loading box when loading and transporting fertilizers.

“I am very happy with the purchase of the spreader. The spreader guarantees a wide and even distribution. After finishing work on my farm I will rent the spreader because I am sure other farmers will also be satisfied. In about 2 years I plan to buy another spreader, but I will also consider buying a Pronar spreader, “said Mr. Schwarzenbacher.