In January and February, were held series of product training for sales representatives of our Czech Importer. Participants visited the main headquarter of Pronar and other factories as well as Research and Development Centre. They were amazed at the vastness of the company as they did not realize that most of the parts and components for machines are manufactured by Pronar Company. They also had the opportunity to see the full range of products offered by Pronar.
In addition, they traced the whole production process of trailers from the first lines drawn by the engineer, through testing, production of components, full assembly line up to the final stage of loading to the customer.

The training was divided into several stages, included substantive knowledge of the construction and usage of:

  • agricultural trailers,
  • hay and forage machinery,
  • municipal machinery for summer and winter road maintenance.

Participants had a great opportunity to see our products up close and ask more detailed questions regarding their functionality. Representatives from Czech Republic showed greatest interest to our latest models of trailers and machinery.