Trimmer PRONAR GN200

PRONAR GN200 is an excellent tool for carrying out maintenance pruning of trees and roadside shrubs. The removal of tree branches, bushes growing into the road verge and damaged, withered an broken branches is aimed at ensuring road safety. PRONAR GN200 is also used for mowing ditches of roadside bushes, offshoots, forming road verges and hedges.
GN200 most off all is a tool, that will streamline and optimize tree maintenance work along the roadway.
Easy aggregation with PRONAR boom series WWP500/500U/500UH/600; WWT600/604D/620/624D/600P/604P/700T/704T

  1. Knives made of wear-resistant steel
    The knives are made of wear-resistant steel, this directly affects their durability. They are more resistant to wear, abrasion or breakage. Two knives are mounted on the frame: one fixed, the other movable, moving rectilinearly on it. The drive is transmitted from the extension arm through a hydraulic cylinder to the movable knife.
  2. Vertical and horizontal operation
    PRONAR GN200 can operate in vertical or horizontal position. Setting the position is possible from the operator’s cab. This allows to adjust the head’s work to the user’s need, without the need to leave the cabin.
  3. Working width 2m
    Working range of the guillotine for branches and shrubs is 2 meters, this directly affects the shortening of the work time needed to perform pruning care, and increase the efficiency of the device. This fundamentally affects the reduction of costs associated with its operation.
  4. Distance between knives- 10cm.
    GN200 can cut branches and bushes that are 10cm thick.

Technical data for standard version- GN200

Length 895 mm
Width 2200 mm
Height 285 mm
Working width 2000 mm
Drive hydraulic
Nom. (?)oil pressure 210 bar
Nom.(?) oil flow 80 l/min
Number of supply sections 1
Mounting method Square plate 140×140 – 6 screws M14
Number of blades 14 pcs
Max. cutting diameter 100 mm
Weight 250 kg

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