Stress calculations

The test stand makes it possible to perform strength analyses for many design variants
without the necessity of creating prototypes. It significantly accelerates new product
development and reduces the costs of starting serial production. Shape optimization
can be also performed at this test stand. The stand also offers the possibility of
performing dynamic analyses in which time is a crucial parameter, such as collisions,
falls, explosions, crash tests.
Equipment and parameters:
• 2 workstations with high computing power
• 3.7 GHz Intel Xeon E5-1620 v2 processor
• installed RAM 64 GB
• NIVIDA Quadro K2000 graphics card
• ANSYS Mechanical Enterprise license
• ANSYS Design Space license
• LS–Dyna license
• ANSYS Space Claim license
• numerical linear and nonlinear computations
• numerical Explicit and Implicit-type computations
• fatigue analyses
• analyses of natural frequencies
• safety coefficient determination
• thermal stress analyses
• shape optimization