Spreader FD1-M03 & FD1-M05

A well-designed, functional spreader FD1-M03, M05-FD1 for surface spread of loose granulated fertilizers allows you to fully exploit the potential of yielding plants. An important advantage of the single-disk fertilizer is low price and low weight for easy hitching and the opportunity to work with a tractor with low power. Therefore, they are ideally suited for small and medium-sized farms. Collected in a plastic container and mixed fertilizer is gravity fed to the the blade spreading discs. Spreading is regulated in terms of the amount and spreading direction of a given material, by using two bolt holes with laths. Disk drive and the mixer is from PTO via articulated telescopic shaft. Mounted mechanism allows to continously adjust the dose and spreading, and to close the outlet while standstill or recurrence.

  1. 1
    Can be combined with most of the tractors equipped with 3 point hitch.
  2. 2
    Fertilizer spreading width adjustment is achieved by – simple in execution – change the angular position of the blades on the spreading disc.
  3. 3
    Best materials and paint finishes are used.
  4. 4
    The rotational speed of the disc is controlled by the position of the operator control handle.
  5. 5
    By appropriate arrangement of the blades, spreading width may be in the range from 4 to 14 m.
PRONAR fertiliser spreaders FD1-M03 FD1-M05
Working width From 4 to 14 m Od 4 do 14 m
Fertilizer box capacity 0,25m3 0,5m³
The amount of spreading 10 to 2000 kg / ha 10 do 2000 kg/ha
Performance max. 4 ha / h 4 ha/h
power requirement 11kw / 15KM 11kw/15KM
Working speed max. 10 km / h 10 km/h
Transport speed max. 20 km / h 20 km/h
The nominal speed of the spreading disc 540 rev / min 540 obr/min
Height / width / length 1.06 / 1.12 / 1.25 m 1,33/1,12/1,25 m
Curb weight 42 kg 52 kg


Standard equipment:
Spreading discs and blades made of plastic

Accessories (optional):

  • Articulated telescopic shaft
  • Download PDF FileOperating instructions