Snowplows PRONAR PUV2600M, 2800M, 3000M, 3300M

Snowplows PRONAR PUV2600M, 2800M, 3000M, 3300M  thanks to their versatile construction and a full range of working widths are the best solution for removing snow from alleys, parking lots, walkways and other hardened surfaces. Special mouldboard shape and robust construction ensure great effects. The ability to change the working position allow for maneuvering in narrow places and to reach practically all spots. All plows from this series are easy to operate – all is done from driver’s cab by the means af electrohydraulic valve and carrier hydraulics.

  1. 1
    May be used with different carriers vehicles – skid steers, leader, backhoes, multifunctional vehicles, building machinery.
  2. 2
    30 degrees allow the plow to remove snow from all conditions
  3. 3
    May be used during winter operations and for piling green forage.
  4. 4
    Reduced costs thanks to division of plowshare into 4 sections – you only need to change the worn-out piece, not the whole element.
  5. 5
    Easy to operate thanks to electrohydraulic valve that allows to perform all operations directly from carrier vehicle’s cabin.
Mounting Category 2 three-point hitch, swing suspension
Working width 2210 – 2630 2370 – 2830 2520 – 3010 2710 – 3305 mm
Number of working positions 4
Steel cutting edges Metal
Shock absorption of the cutting edge On springs
Control Electrohydraulic from carrier
Hydaulic power supply 16-20 MPa
Electric power supply 12 V
Clearance lights Standard
Working speed 10 km/h
Power demand 80-150 100-200 HP
Skids Standard
Weight 680 700 730 860 kg
Max height of moldboard eversion 855 865 880 1015 mm
Plough wings steering angle ± 33 ± 35 o

Additional equipment:
Steel cutting edge with 30 deg approach angle
Support wheels
Steel cutting edges
Hydraulic shock absorption
Independent and simultanous control
Lighter socket splitter
Bumpers for mouldboard springs
EURO mounting frame (frontloader) – swing suspension
ŁC-1650 mounting frame (front loader)- swing suspension
EURO – SMS mounting frame (frontloader)- swing suspension
Plate without fasteners – swing suspension
A-Frame- swing suspension
New Holland L115 – swing suspension
VOLVO L30 -swing suspension
CAT 432 E – always with 3pt. hitch cat. II – swing suspension
CAT 432 F – (on bolts) – swing suspension
CAT 444 E- swing suspension
CAT 924 H- swing suspension
CAT 906 – swing suspension
CAT 434-444 – swing suspension
ATLAS AR 55/65/70/80/85 – swing suspension
ATLAS AR95 – swing suspension
JCB 3CX-swing suspension
JCB 3CX Contractor, JCB2CX – swing suspension
JCB 535-125 – swing suspension
JCB 2CX – swing suspension
CASE 580SR3 /695SR3- swing suspension
CASE 580SL- swing suspension
CASE 721B- swing suspension
MANITOU MRT 2150- swing suspension
TEREX – swing suspension
VOLVO L90- swing suspension
Kramer 480-swing suspension
FORD 655C- swing suspension
SCHEFFER 460- swing suspension
ZETTELMEYER ZL 501B- swing suspension
ZEPPELIN ZL7c, SMB2041, ZL8-10B+C, ZL80- swing suspension
KOMATSU WB93S-5, WB-97S-5- swing suspension
Belarus T18A- swing suspension
CAT TH407 -swing suspension
CASE 221E -swing suspension
CASE 580T -swing suspension
New Holland LB110 – swing suspension
CAT 434/444F – swing suspension
O&K (frontloader) – swing suspension
CAT 432 F – (on bolts) – swing suspension
3pt. Hitch (high) – swing suspension
CAT 432F + bolts – swing suspension
CAT 434/444F (+ bolts)- swing suspension
CAT 444E/910 – swing suspension
JCB 426 ZX – swing syuspension
NEW Holland B110CLC – swing suspension
New Holland B90 – swing suspension
HITACHI ZW250 – swing suspension
JLG 266 – swing suspension
HERMAN-PAUS 855TSL – swing suspension
AMKODOR 342C4 – swing suspension
BU 200 – swing suspension
Perforated steel blades
Perforated steel blades (vertical)
Steel blades (vertical) with bumpers
Steel blades (vertical)
Steel blades with bumpers
Suspension system lock

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