Rotary tedder PRONAR PWP770

Rotary tedder PRONAR PWP770 is designed for spreading mowed, low stalk green plants and dried hay and spreading to scour the cuted plants in cultivated fields and meadows. Tedder swath PWP770 with a working width of 7,7 m with six rotors. Each carousel is provided with seven operating arms, which allows to obtain high performance operation (7,7ha / h). Active, cushioned suspension copies terrain. Easy to use does not cause problem for the operator which allows to quickly obtain the required operating parameters. Tedder can be aggregated with tractors cat.I and II according to ISO 730-1. With a weight of 915 kg, its power requirement 37/50 kW / hp.

  1. 1
    Can be aggregated with any tractor category I and II.
  2. 2
    Despite the small size – 5,3ha / h.
  3. 3
    Through a simple construction operator can quickly set the desired parameters.
  4. 4
    Latest technology and materials are used in production process.
Total length 2550 mm
Width in working/transport position 8275/2990 mm
Height in working/transport position 1810/3900 mm
Working width 7700 mm
Number of rotors 6 pcs.
Number of operating arms on one roto 7 pcs.
Suspension type active, shock absorption
Suspension hitch Cat. I and II acc. To ISO 730-1
Type of the central transmission wet (oil bath)
Type of rotary transmission maintenance-free ( grease lubrication)
Overload protection Clutch 1200 Nm
Minimum tractor power requirements 37/50 kW/HP
Maximum PTO speed 540 rpm
Weight 915 kg
Recommended working speed 10 km/h
Working efficiency 7,7 ha/h
Tyres 16×6.5 – 8(6PR)
Required tractor hydraulic outputs One double-acting section with floating position rpm
Adjustment of the spreading angle Manually, each wheel separately in the range of 13º, 16º, 19º º
Tedding near the field border After manual wheel adjustment ( each wheel separately)
Lifting the rotors to transport position Hydraulic – synchronized
Ground following abillty:
Central segment
up up to 30º
down up to 6º
External segment
up up to 6º
down up to 6º
PTO shaft Standard
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