Mixer feeder PRONAR DVMP T- 12/14/16/18

PRONAR DVMP T – 12/14/16/18 mixer feeder is a series of wagons, which is based on the proven construction of DVMP mixer feeders enriched with a discharge belt. The introduction of new technologies in livestock nutrition (TMR – total mixed rotation, PMR – partial mixed rotation) greatly influenced the increase of their milk yield through the optimal use of feed ingredients. PRONAR DVMP T – 12/14/16/18 mixer feeder ensures proper preparation of a full-ranging nutritional dose.

DVMP T series of mixer feeder includes the following models: DVMP-12T, DVMP-14T, DVMP-16T and DVMP-18T, with a capacity of 12, 14, 16 and 18 m3. A properly profiled tank, together with a spiral construction of two mixing augers, ensures proper mixing of fodder, creating a full blend of TMR.

Like the DVMP mixer feeders, the construction of the PRONAR DVMP T series of twin-auger mixer feeder makes these machines very effective and efficiently shreds all components of feed prepared for livestock. PRONAR DVMP T series models are intended primarily for large farms where time and high quality of prepared feed counts.

Mixer feeder PRONAR DVMP T – 12/14/16/18 – main features:

  1. Belt discharge
    The system with a transversal discharge belt mounted at the front of the tank allows the feed to be dispensed both to the left and to the right. The unloading speed is controlled by the opening degree of the front slider, where the mixed feed goes to the transporting conveyor. The feeder belt is activated and the front gate is operated using levers located in the tractor cab. The tape, made of PVC with high mechanical strength, does not require servicing, and its speed is regulated by means of a throttle valve. This ensures precise feed dispensing and controls feeding.
  2. Modular construction of tanks
    An important feature of the new series of mixer feeders is the modular construction of tanks. The basic capacity of the tank, thanks to additional extensions, increases its capacity. In this way, the buyer can fit the wagon to the changing needs of the farm.
  3. Anti-overflow ring
    Anti-overflow ring is mounted on the tank what prevents feed spillage when blending the forage.
  4. Adjustable auger knives
    Mixer feeder PRONAR DVMPAccurate cutting of the feed ingredients, depending on the model, is delivered by a set of 7 or 8 divided cutting knives made of abrasion-resistant steel. The setting of the knives can be adjusted according to the needs to make work even more effective and easier.
  5. Auger scraper
    The scraper welded to the auger ensures optimal mixing of the mixed feed.
  6. Hydraulic adjustable slider
    The discharge windows are closed with sliders which are located in the side walls of the tank. Each of the asymmetrically located sliders is equipped with an independent hydraulic control system, and the degree of their opening is controlled by the indicators mounted on the tank. Under the discharge windows there are chutes for feeding.
  7. Efficient drive train
    The transmission system of the mixer feeder was based on a system of three gears. The drive of the augers is transferred from the tractor through the articulated-telescopic shaft to the two-speed gearbox, further through the shafts on the planetary gears.
  8. Two-speed gear
    The planetary gears mounted on the bottom of the tank transmits the drive to the mixer augers. The speed is controlled by a two-speed gearbox with a gear lever.
  9. Electronic weighing system
    The electronic weighing system with very high accuracy is based on four sensors. It ensures effective management of feed stocks and their proper spending. Thanks to the weighing system, it is possible to precisely control the loading of feed ingredients and calculate its amount for the needs of the herd.
  10. The wide range of additional equipment
    A large selection of additional equipment makes the work with mixer feeder PRONAR DVMP easier and increases its functionality. One of the additional equipment are the magnets mounted directly to the scraper, which trap metallic foreign bodies, thus increasing animal safety. Even better and more accurate feed fragmentation is ensured by two manually controlled counter knives, which can be equipped with a hydraulic control system (optional equipment). An observation window at the front of the mixing chamber ensures perfect view at the mixing process like level of the fodder in chamber and the quality of mix.

Technical data of standard version PRONAR DVMP 12 PRONAR DVMP 14 PRONAR DVMP 16 PRONAR DVMP 18
Permissible total weight (technically): 11500 12500 13500 13500 [kg]
Permissible total weight: 10450 11350 11350 11350 [kg]
Empty weight: 5850 6130 6380 6550 [kg]
Volume of container: 12 14 16 18 [m3]
Maximum width of container: 2370 2370 2460 2460 [mm]
Height of extensions: 200 200
Internal height of container: 1460 1660 1810 2010 [mm]
Width of container floor: 2000 [mm]
Dimensions: length/width/height: 6550/
Floor/wall thickness: 20/8 [mm]
Platform height, measured from the ground: 830 [mm]
Wheel track: 1475 [mm]
Suspension: rigid
Hitch-ring load: 1300 1400 1400 1400 [kg]
Tyres: 215/75 R17.5 (twins)
Construction speed: 25 [km/h]
Weighting system: 4-points
Dosage system: front, belt discharge left or right
Number of mixers 2 pcs.
Number of mixer rotations (PTO ratio 540 RPM): 18 or 33 [rpm]
Tractor power requirement: 55/75* 60/82* 65/88* 70/95* [KW/HP]
*minimum tractor power requirement is an approximate, lowest value of power demand on the tractor PTO shaft. The value depends on components of the mixture
Standard equipment
Chassis frame: rectangular made of closed profiles
Profiled container of high stiffness
Drawbar: fixed to couple with lower hitch of the tractor
Drawbar towing hitch: rotary with ∅50 towing eye
Drawbar support: mechanical telescopic leg
Unbraked axle
Protecting rim on top of container
Mixer type: 2 modernized vertical augers
Changeble cutting knives made of abrasion-resisitant steel – 7 pcs (DVMP-12, DVMP-14); 8 pcs (DVMP-16, DVMP-18)
Cutting knives adjustable in 2 positions
Two counter-knives manually regulated
Two discharge windows asymmetrically located on sides
Discharge windows hydraulically driven by handles from tractor cabin
Weighting system with LCD to control the mixer and the loading weight


Additional equipment (optional)
Lighting system with light bar
Window at the front of container
Magnets catching small metal elements (located at the base of augers)
Counter-knives hydraulically regulated
Tires 435/50R19.5