3D Laser – cutting machine

The stand for laser cutting of closed profiles and open profiles makes it possible to cut long
pipes and profiles (round section pipes, square section pipes, rectangular section pipes
as well as T, 2T, H, C, I and L profiles). The laser used in the machine makes it possible
to process non-ferrous metals and guarantees effective processing of pipes and profiles.
Thanks to its innovative solutions, the laser-cutting machine ensures precise quality of
cutting and makes it possible to obtain almost any required shape. Modern software
enables extensive optimization of production process with respect to production time and
material consumption, which has a direct impact on costs. Direct network connection with
the machine’s control system enables control of the prototype detail status at any time.
Equipment and parameters:
• 3D FABRI GEAR 400 – II laser-cutting machine
• laser power: 4.0 kW
• maximum length of material for loading: 12000 mm
• maximum length of a workpiece for unloading: 12000 mm
• maximum diameter of cut material (square profile): 20-300 mm
• maximum diameter of cut material (round section pipe): 20-406 mm
• maximum weight of load transported by loading arm: 890 kg
• positioning accuracy: 0.01-500 mm
• weld seam detector
• threaded unit: M3-M10
• automatic material length measuring function
• thanks to the use of a 3D laser head and unique software, the machine enables automatic production of
long and short workpieces using a material of any shape as well as automatic loading and unloading of
workpieces after laser cutting.
• thanks to the innovative design solutions, the machine makes it also possible to perform complete profile
processing, from cutting to threading, on a single machine.